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video:16 min talk/powerpoint on dark matter/dark energy


Consider this discourse within the Sarah Palin media discourse, and
note any gaping disparities of human intelligence you might sense.
Report your findings.

On a whole other level, I’m hoping the Large Hadron Collider detects
the Higgs boson (or another candidate) and settles the whole…<ahem>
"matter" of what the Weakly Interacting Particles (WIMPS) might be
identified with, so that quantum mechanics and relativity can finally
become unified into a Theory of Everything (TOE), and so that I can
carry around a 9-inch-long equation that describes Everything. And I’d
put it in my wallet and carry it around. Or I might pin it to my t-
shirt in lieu of a name tag.

Then I’d go to my favorite New York deli and order One With

You may now return to your previously mediated Realities.

Thank you.

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