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M`I,5`Persecution – who kn ows abo ut it?

-=. who knows about it? =-

Many people know, both in the establishment. and media, and among the
general public. Despite an absence. of its target from the UK for more than
two years, the echoes of paranoia. can still be heard loud and clear from
across. the water. When it started in 1990, the only people who knew were
those in BBC television who were spying on. my home, and a few radio
broadcasters. There were a few cases of public harassment,. but very little
compared to the situation that developed a. couple of years later.

The list today includes BBC. TV staff (newsreaders such as Martyn Lewis,
Michael Buerk, Nicholas Witchell), people from radio stations such. as
Chris Tarrant of Capital and Radio 1 DJs, people. in the print media, but
also many people in the general public.. All united in a conspiracy which
breaks the laws which the. UK does have regarding harassment, and all
completely uncaring for any semblance of decency or. elementary respect
for individual. rights.

The British police (obviously) do know the nature of the harassment. and in
all probability the identity. of those behind it. Some time ago I made a
complaint. to my local police station in London, without positive result.
The UK police are failing in their duty. to see the law enforced in not
checking. the abuse.


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M.I'5-Per secution – wh y wo n't the Br itish police do t heir job a nd p ut a sto p to it?

-= why won’t. the British police do their job and put a stop to it? -=

The British police obviously. do know what is taking place. Besides my
interpretations of what individual officers have. said which forces that
conclusion, it would be inconceivable for them to. be unaware of something
on. this scale.

If they know, then. they will know that the abusers have broken laws in the
UK. and abroad. Recently the UK introduced laws against electronic spying
which carry a penalty of several years jail if caught. If the police. know
illegal harassment is taking place, and do nothing about. it, then they are
failing. in their responsibilities.

Last Easter (1995) I went into. the local police station in London and spoke
to an officer about the harassment against me. But I couldn’t. provide
tangible evidence; what people said, in. many cases years ago, is beyond
proof, and without something to support my statements I. cannot expect a
police officer to take the. complaint seriously.

The. current situation with regard to the police is not one which allows a
breakthrough in dealing with. the problem. On the one hand, most individual
officers at a local police station may not know about. the ongoing assaults,
so a complaint at that level will not yield. results. Yet the police as an
organisation do know of the harassment, and they must be aware that. a
complaint has been made at a police. station. So it is clearly their duty to
take preventative action against the continuing. molestation, but because
the criminals are operating on behalf of a. state agency, the police are not
carrying out their. duty.


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M I`5 P ersecution ' w hy won' t th e Briti sh polic e do their jo b a nd put a stop to it?

-= why won’t the British police do their job. and put a stop to it? -=

The British police. obviously do know what is taking place. Besides my
interpretations of what. individual officers have said which forces that
conclusion, it would be inconceivable for them to be unaware of. something
on this. scale.

If they know,. then they will know that the abusers have broken laws in the
UK and abroad. Recently the UK introduced laws. against electronic spying
which carry a penalty of several years jail if caught.. If the police know
illegal harassment is taking place, and do nothing about it,. then they are
failing in their. responsibilities.

Last Easter (1995) I went into the local police station. in London and spoke
to an officer. about the harassment against me. But I couldn’t provide
tangible evidence; what people said, in. many cases years ago, is beyond
proof, and without something to support my statements I cannot expect. a
police officer. to take the complaint seriously.

The current. situation with regard to the police is not one which allows a
breakthrough in dealing with the problem. On the. one hand, most individual
officers at a local police station may not know about the. ongoing assaults,
so a complaint at. that level will not yield results. Yet the police as an
organisation. do know of the harassment, and they must be aware that a
complaint has been made at a police station.. So it is clearly their duty to
take preventative action against the continuing molestation,. but because
the criminals are operating on behalf of a state agency, the police. are not
carrying out. their duty.


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M,I`5'Persecut ion abu se in se t-up s ituations an d in pub lic

-= abuse. in set-up situations and in public -=

Strangers in the street have recognized me on sight many times,. and shown
awareness of the current thread. of abuse. To give you one example, in 1992
I was seriously ill, and a manager at work. somewhat humorously said that
"it wasn’t fair" that people were bullying me. A few. days later, I attended
for the first time a clinic in London as an outpatient, and on my. way out
was accosted by someone who asked if "they had paid. my fare", with emphasis
on the word "fare". He repeated the word several. times in this different
context; that they should have paid my "fare", each. time emphasizing the

For two and. a half years from the time their harassment started until
November 1992 I refused to see a psychiatrist,. because I reasoned that I
was not ill. of my own action or fault, but through the stress caused by
harassment, and that a lessening of. the illness would have to be consequent
to a removal of its immediate cause,. in other words a cessation of
harassment. I also reasoned that since they were. taunting me with jokes
about mental illness, if I were to seek treatment. then the abusers would
think that they had "won" and been proved "right". Remember, the. constant
theme of any persecution is, "we must. destroy you because you’re X",
whether X is a racial or other attribute.. In this case the X was "we
persecute you because you. have brain disease". The similarity of this logic
to Nazi attitudes to the mentally. ill is striking.

The same manager who’d said "it wasn’t. fair" asked me in winter 1992 why I
didn’t seek help from. a psychiatrist; was it, he asked, because "they would
think they had won" if I sought treatment? That. was something I’d never
said at work… again, taken separately it proves nothing, but many. such
things over a period of months proves conclusively that. people in the
company knew what was. going on, and in quite a lot of detail.

Usually harassment in public lacks the level of finesse of "paying. your
fare". Most people’s imagination. does not go beyond moronic parroting of
the current term of denigration. That is not surprising given the. average
level of the abusers;. if they do not have the intelligence to distinguish
wrong from. right then neither will they have the capacity for anything
other than mindless repetition of a monosyllabic term calculated to. fit
into. their minds.

The first incidents of verbal assault in public were in again in the. summer
of 1990, although they increased in frequency and venom. with time. In July
1990 the. first public incident occurred on a tube train on the Northern
line. Two men and their girlfriends recognised me; the women sprang. to my
defence, saying "He looks perfectly normal, he doesn’t. look ill". Their
boyfriends. of course knew better, and followed the party line; one of them
made reference to an "operation", apparently to. work at the tube station
but implicitly to a visit that I had made to hospital. a couple of weeks

In August 1990 going home. from college, soon after getting on a tube train
at Gloucester Road I was. followed by a group of four youths, who started a
chant of abuse. That they were. targeting me was confirmed by other people
in the carriage, one of whom asked the other "who are. they going on at, is
it the bloke who just got on?" to. which the second replied "yes, I think
so". I was tempted to reply, but as in every other instance the. abusers are
enabled in their cowardice. by physically outnumbering the abused; any
confrontation would result in my. being beaten up, followed by a complaint
to the police that "he attacked us", and of course he’s ill, so he. must
have been imagining. that we were getting at him. Shitty, aren’t they?

But the shittiness. of the four youths on the tube train is as nothing
compared to the episode on the National Express coach to Dover. in the
summer of 1992. While going on. holiday to the Continent I was verbally set
upon by a couple. travelling sitting a few rows behind. The boy did the
talking, his female companion. contributing only a continuous empty giggling
noise. He spoke loudly to ensure other people on the coach. heard, always
about "they" and "this. bloke" but never naming either the abusers or the
person he was talking about.. He said "they" had "found somebody from his
school, and. he was always really stressed at school". They must have dug
deep to find enemies there; perhaps someone who dropped. out of school,
someone who didn’t do too well later, who was jealous. and keen to get their
own back? The boy also said "he was in a bed. and breakfast for only one
night and. they got him". By a not unexpected coincidence I had been in a
B&B in Oxford a week previously, which had been booked from. work; other
things lead me to the conclusion that the. company’s offices were bugged for
most of the 2 1/2. years that I was there, so "they" would have known a room
in the B&B had. been booked. (But I’ll bet "they" didn’t tell the company’s
managers their offices were bugged,. did they?).

After a few minutes of this I went. back to where they were sitting and
asked where they were travelling. The boy named a. village in France, and
the girl’s giggling suddenly ceased; presumably it permeated to her. brain
cell what the purpose of the boy’s. abuse was.

This and other set-up situations are. obviously calculated to provoke a
direct confrontation which would bring in the. police, with the abusers
claiming that they were the ones attacked. Again. in 1992, outside the
house where I was living in Oxford I was physically attacked. by someone –
not punched, just grabbed by. the coat, with some verbals thrown in for good
measure.. That was something the people at work shouldn’t have known
about… but soon after a couple. of people were talking right in front of
me about, "I. heard he was attacked". The UK police have a responsibility
for preventing assault occurring, but they do not seem to take any. interest
in meeting that responsibility. I. suppose their attitude is that harassment
does not come within their. remit unless it involves physical assault, and
they will only become involved once that. happens. That is of course quite
the wrong. attitude for them to take, but as I now understand, the police
investigate only the crime they. wish to investigate; if they do not take
your complaints seriously then there is nothing you can do. to make them
take. action.


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M,I-5,Persecut ion ' my r esponse to t he haras sment

-= my response to the harassment. -=

My first reaction in 1990/91 was to assume. that if I broke contact then
they would not be able to follow and would lose interest. So. I did the
things that have been suggested by other people; I sold my. television,
stopped listening to the. radio and tried to withdraw away from the sources
of abuse. as much as possible. I reasoned that they must have more important
things to deal with and that normal people would simply leave. me alone if
it were made. difficult for them to continue their harassment.

I reckoned without the sheer vindictiveness of the abusers. They. did not
let up but instead "got to" people around me,. mainly people at work, to do
their. dirty work for them. I went to see my GP, who refused to believe what
he was being told, and refused to direct me on to anyone who. could be of
practical assistance. It was not until three years. had passed that the GP
admitted the matter was outside his competence and suggested. going to the

In the summer of 1994 we called in. counter-surveillance experts from a
private detective agency to sweep. our house and telephone for bugging
devices. They. conducted a thorough search and found nothing; but as noted
above, since the existence of surveillance was being forced. in my face by
the harassers, you would expect them to have taken the. possibility of a
counter-surveillance sweep into account when planning the. type of devices
to be. employed.

In Easter 1995 I made a complaint. to my local Police station in London, but
the police have not expressed any intention to do anything about. the
continuing harassment ("we’re not. saying it’s happening and we’re not
saying it isn’t happening". were the words used). I think the officer I
spoke. to at Easter wasn’t aware of it happening, although other members of
the police force obviously. do know.

From. April 1995 until the present time the matter has been discussed in a
lot of detail on. the Usenet (Internet) "uk.misc" newsgroup. That discussion
has given birth to the article. which you are now reading. My hopes in
posting to. Usenet were that wider publicizing would discourage the security
services from continuing their. harassment, and "draw people out" into
concurring with the truth. of what was being said. Neither of those have
followed, but the discussion has. served a purpose in allowing this
structured report. to be created.


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A thought:

One of these recent threads (think it was "Zeitgeist") referenced the notion
of authoritarianism, esp. as re: religious expression/institutions. This got
me thinking about something; if it seems to you twaddle, that’s likely due
to my a) thinking out loud without any real conclusion in mind and b) not
having been very well-read in these matters. But if you have any co- or
counterthoughts, I’m certainly up for hearing ‘em!

What is the nature of authority?

As I see it (at least, at this writing) there are a couple of different ways
to understand it:

- That which is arbitrarily imposed through custom ("We’ve always done it
that way, and if you’re one of us you’ll do it too"),

- That which is arbitrarily imposed through coercion ("Do it or I’ll
kill/enslave you"), and

- That which derives from some self-evident t/Truth ("Any damn fool can see
this is the best way").

Examples of the first two are too numerous for this writer to count, and
anyway I think the third is both the most interesting and most overlooked. I
like to call this latter the "Right Knot Principle" — i.e., in some cases
of limited and probably non-analogous scope (usuallybutnotalways involving
physical action or survival), there "really" "is" a right way and a wrong
way to do something (where "right" = "most efficient, simple, non-hassly.")

If one is at sea (in the sense of being in a boat, esp. one powered by
sails), one’s life tends to depend on some very simple things; e.g., knots.
A sailor’s mental toolkit may contain literally hundreds of these, yet her
boat may actually only use three or four. If she needs to make fast a line
to a rail (e.g., tie up a smaller boat), and is wise enough to know she may
need to let it go in a hurry, then the "right" knot is the one which lets
her do just that. (Me, I usually use a clove-hitch on a bight.)

Similarly, in terms of religious principles, things which are simple
variations on "don’t be a dick" (e.g., don’t murder, don’t lie, don’t cheat
your employees, don’t be a hypocrite) don’t really need to have the force of
a deity/deities behind them, and in fact tend to suffer when so associated
— "After all," the bold iconoclast may reason, "the part about not being a
dick is right next to the part about how and why to pray. Since there’s no
reason to pray, there’s no reason to not be a dick." This baby-and-bathwater
cocktail seems to me as silly as requiring some sort of Ultimate Excuse in
order for us to be nice to each other; and even more so if one treats one’s
(or another’s) Sacred Texts as inviolable and humorless.

(This no doubt derives from my own bias as a budding rabbinical student,
early-ordained SubRev, ULC minister and Discordian Pope (though I can’t seem
to find the damn pope card); something common to all four traditions is
their absolute insistence on thinking critically, creatively and
contextually about whatever, whenever and wherever one happens to be; see
http://inyourhand.org/2007/06/posse-commentatus.html for more on this, if
you’ve read this far and are still intrigued.)

Anyway, I guess I’m saying that I don’t think authority is necessarily a bad
thing — IF we define authority as deriving from empirical experience and
common sense. (Actually, the authority of arbitrary tradition /can/ be
pretty entertaining and uplifting too — IF we play it for the sheer joy of
the game instead of "because God said so." Fear may be useful in some
situations, but not (it seems to me) as a general organizing principle —
esp. in re: Something whose purpose is to unite, not divide.

Or kill me.

Neal Ross Attinson
"One Torah. No labels."

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M'I`5 Persecution , Fou r Y ears of M I5 Pers ecution Pos ts on Inte rnet Newsgroup s

Four Years. of "MI5 Persecution" Posts on Internet Newsgroups

For approximately the first. three years of the MI5 persecution, from June
1990 until late 1992,. I kept as quiet as possible, in the hope that by not
reacting, MI5s interest in me would decrease and they. would simply go away
of their own accord. This is the sort of behaviour. some people employ
against bullies; if the. bullies arent getting a reaction, then they might
simply go away and victimize someone. else.

Unfortunately, this tactic didnt work. The quieter I became,. the more
shrill and hysterical the. noise from the Security Service operatives. For
about two years I didnt watch TV news at. all. Yet this only heightened
their obsessed fixation; they continued to follow me wherever. I went, they
continued. to induce harassment at work by managers and fellow workers, and
they continued. to encourage me to commit suicide. They seemed to regard my
refusal to react as a crime which they would have to "put right". by ever
more extreme forms of. abuse.

Finally, in 1995, I changed. tactics radically. Since late 1994 I had had
accounts with internet providers in. Ontario, Canada. I discovered the
cornucopia of internet newsgroups, on every topic. from consumer
electronics, to. politics and legal topics, and I discovered online
services such as. Compuserve and AOL. In May 1995, I made the first posting
to the conspiracy newsgroup, on the. subject of "BBCs Hidden Shame".

BBC’s. Hidden Shame

The internet newsgroup discussion, which has. now reached its fourth
anniversary, started with an article in alt.conspiracy, which. I reproduce

Date: Thu May . 4 18:27:24 1995
Newsgroups:. alt.conspiracy
Subject: BBC’s. Hidden Shame

Remember the two-way televisions in George Orwell’s 1984? The. ones which watched you
back? Which. you could never get rid of, only the sound could be turned down?

Well. the country which brought Orwell into the world has made his nightmare follow into
the world after him. Since 1990 the British have been waging. war against one of their
own citizens. using surveillance to invade privacy and a campaign of abuse in the
transmitted media. in their efforts to humiliate their "victim".

And. the most remarkable thing about it is that what they do is not even illegal – the
UK has no laws to protect the privacy of its citizens,. nor does it proscribe harassment
or abuse except in the. case of racial abuse.

A lot of people in England know this to. be going on, yet so far they have maintained
perfect "omerta"; not. a sound, not a squeak has escaped into the English press, and for
all the covert harassment absolutely nothing has come out into the public. domain.

Have the British gone mad?. I think we should be told

At this point, I did not name MI5 as my. persecutors. I was still unsure
that they were the ones responsible for. the "psychological terrorism". In
followup posts however I did name them;. and the persecutors have never
denied. the claim; so I think my guess is valid. (The Security Service
Tribunal in 1997 have said "no. determination in your favour was made", but
it is a. well established fact that MI5 lies routinely to the Tribunal
which has never found in favour of a plaintiff, so. no conclusions can be
drawn. from this.)

This first post was made to alt.conspiracy, but further posts. were made to
the UK-local newsgroups, in particular. uk.misc but also uk.legal and
uk.politics (which is now called uk.politics.misc). Some time ago I. tried
to take the battle to the Compuserve. forums, UKPOLITICS (which is now
called UKCURRENT. – current affairs), but my articles were censored by the
forum. operators. Such censorship is impossible on the internet newsgroups.

Police Refuse. to Act

I have complained several times to the Metropolitan. Police, who have each
time refused. to help.

From:. Green <Gr…@guidion.demon.co.uk>
Newsgroups:. uk.misc,uk.politics,alt.politics.british,soc.culture.british
Subject: Re: MI5 Persecution: Why. Aren’t the British Police Doing Their
Reply-To:. Gr…@guidion.demon.co.uk
Date:. Sun Apr  7 21:13:30 1996

In article. <DpIE0r.736.0.bl…@torfree.net>
        .   bu…@torfree.net "Mike Corley" writes:

>Last Easter (1995) I went into the local police station. in London and spoke to
>an officer about the harassment against me.. But I couldn’t provide tangible
>evidence; what people said,. in many cases years ago, is beyond proof, and
>without something to support my. statements I cannot expect a police officer to
>take the. complaint seriously.

This in itself dos not suggest that the police have it. in for you. The old bill
operates on extremely tight spending limits forced on them by that pillock. Michael
Howard, and without evidence, they often. have higher priorities than chasing something
that cannot. go to court.

I doubt that the police are actually being leant. on, but they probably realise that if
they. looked into this, they would be leant on hard. The met always stays away from
anything. that looks like it has Defence, Security or secret service interest already,
because they realise that they are below these government agencies. in the general
pecking. order.

If I walked into. my local nick and complained that MI5 were snooping on me, they would
show me the door without even looking at my evidence, because. that bored desk seargant
with only five years to go before he retires doesn’t want. to start fucking about with
somebody who has incurred the wrath of Stella Rimington.  He. would rather deal with the
lost dogs and driving licence producers, eat his. cheese and pickle sandwiches and piss
off home at the end of his. shift than have some high ranking spook having a go at his
boss and. getting him a bollocking.

In. short, you have earned much sympathy but little surprise.  Just remember that saying
about the enemy. of your enemies.

Most recently, I wrote in March 1999 to Charing. Cross Police Station
CID. They did not acknowledge or reply to my letter. When I phoned. them
up, the detective Id written to treated. me to a sadly not unusual display
of police bigotry, with an uneducated. rant about "your paranoid rubbish".

It would. be nice to think that such uneducated bigotry is  something other
than wholly typical of police behaviour, but unfortunately that is. an
illusion that is. rapidly dispelled.

Uncorruptible Jon. Snow of Channel Four News

From. previous articles the reader will know what I think Jon Snow has
recently been watching me while he reads Channel Four News. in the
evening.. Recently I digitized a few moments of one such broadcast, where
his face twists into a smile, without there being anything in the. news
broadcast to cause merriment. Here is a usenet post from some time ago. on
MI5s "bought. and paid for" tools in the so-called "free" press.

Peter. Harding (hard…@ermine.ox.ac.uk) wrote:

: I was at. speakers’ corner on Sunday. There was one chap who was bellowing
: about something or other, I don’t know what, but one thing he. said to
: someone. caught my ear:

: "BBC, MI5,. same thing."

Can’t disagree with that. sentiment.

Wasn’t it documented that MI5 sometimes "bought" journalists. and broadcasters?
I remember reading a report. by some jouralist who had been offered an extra
tax-free income by MI5 to become their covert mouthpiece,. and had refused.
………………………………………………………………… ..

>. : >mouthpiece, and had refused.
>. :
> :. It was Jon Snow of Channel 4.

> Was it reported in any of. the papers?

It has been reported several times. The most. recent was in Private Eye,
a few months back. As I recall they also. wanted information from him;
journalists would be a natural. choice for members of the Security Service
and. the Secret Intelligence Service for information sources.

> It might be interesting to see what he had to. say regarding their
>. attempt to recruit him.

He was most concerned that many others would have. accepted such an
offer. However, we. can probably make an educated guess as to some of
those who accepted: Nigel. West (Rupert Allason, MP) and Chapman Pincher
would come near to the. top of the list.

\/ David Boothroyd. Socialist. and election analyst. Omne ignotum pro
British Elections and. Politics at
I wish I was in North Dakota. Next General Election must be before. 22nd May ’97
The House of Commons now : C 324, Lab 272, L Dem 25,. UU 9, PC 4, SDLP 4, SNP 4,
UDUP 3, Ind 1, Ind. UU 1, Spkrs 4. Government majority = 1. Telephone Tate 6125.

Corrupt. Security Service agents steal millions from taxpayers

Money is of course. a factor in the grand equation which is the MI5
persecution. It costs money for the Security. Service to "buy" people in
the. media etc. But that is only a small part of their expenditure of
taxpayers resources. Most of the expenditure is. directly on the salaries
if the agents involved; and in this post I put forward the. theory that MI5
are. trying to draw out their involvement for as long as possible, very
cynically, to maximise their income and. line their own pockets.

At each stage they have tried to pretend. that I am something out of the ordinary.
Either I was very stupid ("he’s an idiot") or very clever ("he’s like a. genius").
Either I was a threat to Western civilization (Levin once. referred to me as the next
Hitler) or I was completely defenceless. ("a soft toy").

Now, it should. be obvious to any person with common-sense that I am not out of the
ordinary. in any way. I have an IQ which is average for the Web, I am racially white
European, and there are. plenty of other people with schizophrenia or epilepsy out there
who haven’t. been targeted for MI5 attention, so why me?

I think the answer is that the MI5. agents who harass me have cynically exploited the
situation by painting me as extraordinary in order. to assure themselves of well-paid
employment. funded by the ordinary British taxpayer. To put it bluntly, they are
stealing millions of pounds from the taxpayer to feed their own. pockets.

This assertion is supported by the observation. that it’s the same agents who are doing
the harassment. Six months ago in a local hospital I was. harassed by someone whose face
I had seen (he had stared straight at me. aggressively, at the time I just thought it
was some nutter but it turns out he was one of "them"). aboard a KLM flight a couple of
years ago. It’s presumably been the same people most of the time. I’ve seen the. way
contractors act when they. don’t want their positions terminated. Would these agents
really want to lose their well-paid employment harassing me? Presumably they. are
promising their bosses a "breakthrough" (ie. my demise) real-soon-now and have been for
the last seven years, while all the. while these MI5 agents skim millions
off the. taxpayer.

I wouldn’t mind a job. like that. Perhaps if I persecute myself a little bit, like
standing in front of a mirror and shouting mindless obscenities, do you reckon I’d. get
a slice of the caky. Service Tribunal. This year Nick Brooks, current
Tribunal Secretary, confirmed to. me that he could not think of a single
case where. the Tribunal had found in favour of a complainant. Here is my
usenet post from two years. ago.

Subject: MI5: "It. wasn’t us"
Newsgroups:. uk.misc,uk.legal
Organization:. Toronto Free-Net

"The Security Service Tribunal. have now investigated your complaint and have
asked me to inform you that no. determination in your favour has been made on
your. complaint."

Signed. ER Wilson, Tribunal Secretary

Well that’s a relief then. All that spamming for nothing eh.. Gaw blimey, if
they say they’re not doing it then. it can’t be them, can it?

In a recent. letter to Mr Brooks I expressed the opinion that the Tribunal
were unable to fulfil their responsibilities in the face. of MI5
falsehoods. Nevertheless, I do intend to make another. complaint to the
Tribunal in the near. future, despite the Tribunal appearing to be a
toothless. watchdog.

Discrimination. against a Unit Minority

MI5 have. been very clear in their instructions as to what I should
do. They have openly shouted at me the word "suicide",. and also from the
other abuse it is clear that they want my existence. terminated.

This. point is covered in more detail in a previous article. The following
post describes the xenophobic nature of MI5s campaign against me.. They
have refined. their bigotry down to a unit minority, yet they make use of
the discrimination against the mentally ill which is a feature. of current
British. society.

Subject: Re:. MI5 says "Kill Yourself"
Newsgroups:. uk.misc,uk.legal,uk.politics.misc,uk.media
References:. <zlsiida.4248.3258F…@fs1.mcc.ac.uk>
Organization:. Toronto Free-Net

i…@hotch.demon.co.uk (Iain L M. Hotchkies) wrote:

>Indeed. If you’ve ever had. a ‘conversation’ with someone suffering
>from florid. schizophrenia, you’ll know how difficult it can be to
>’argue’. with them.

I don’t. have florid symptoms. But I’m in a difficult situation, because those
people. who don’t know, aren’t going to believe, and those who do, they just go
along with the crowd. It’s never. a good idea to go against the grain, and the
grain here is defined by interests in the establishment. and the media. Even
people who could say out loud what was happening won’t, because then there’s. a
risk that they’ll be seen as traitors. and ostracised.

Usually this type of ‘hidden abuse’ is racial. and targetted at a racial
minority within a country. You keep the. minorities out of the good jobs, but
you don’t. admit discrimination exists. It happens everywhere, not just in
Britain. The persecution that is going on now is in reality a refined. form of
racism. Instead. of "nigger" it’s "nutter", and abusing the mentally ill is
still socially acceptable today.. In 50 years it might not be, but today there
isn’t. any social or legal sanction against it.

So really they’ve. refined racial harassment down to a minority of one. The
words may be different, but the methods. are the same.


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M.I 5-P ersecution ` Molestati on durin g Travel

MI5. Persecution: Molestation during Travel

MI5s persecution. of me varies in intensity. Since 1990 it has been steady
for. perhaps 80% of the time; there was a notable quiet period in 1993, and
another quiet period in Jan-Feb 1995, as well. as a hiatus in the first two
months of 1999. It puzzles me that. they cease and restart, seemingly
without any logic or reason. But. one aspect of MI5s activities against me
which is relatively. predictable is this weeks articles topic, which is
Molestation. during Travel. Almost every time I cross the Atlantic, go to
the Continent or even try to enjoy a holiday. in this country, you can bet
that MI5 will be. there doing their utmost to wreck it all.

This aspect of the harassment is particularly. relevant as I will be
travelling to Europe again in a months. time, with naturally the Minidisc
recorder in tow;. so it will be interesting to see if I can record the
abuse which will almost certainly take. place, either on the Tube going to
the airport, at the airport,. on the flight, in the terminal building – MI5
have previously instituted instances of abuse at each. of these locations,
so well see how. much taxpayers money they waste this time, and whether it
will prove possible to capture their. abuse on minidisc.

Read about the MI5 Persecution. on the Web

June 1992 in. Polands mountain resort of Zakopane

The persecution started. in June 1990, and for the first two years I stayed
in the UK apart from a couple of brief day trips. to Calais. By the summer
of 1992 Id had enough of. being cooped up in England with abusive fellow
employees egged. on by an abusive secret police service, and decided to
spend 10 days in southern Poland, on what was intended to. be a holiday at
the mountain resort. town of Zakopane.

Unfortunately the psychopaths of the Security Service. were not willing to
allow me to enjoy a holiday. in peace and quiet. The journey to Zakopane
was by coach from the meeting point at Londons Victoria. coach station
(National Express). followed by ferry followed by another coach across
Europe. As we left Victoria a youth. and his girlfriend started a loud
tirade of abuse directed at "this bloke", where the "bloke". was never
named, but it. was very clear that the "bloke" was myself. The youth said
"they" had "found somebody from his school, and he was. always really
stressed at. school, a real psycho". Again, the label "they" was not
elaborated on, but it was. clear that "they" = the persecutors from
MI5. The boy also said, "he was. in a bed and breakfast for only one night
and they. got him". By a not unexpected coincidence I had been in a B&B in
Oxford a week. previously, which had been booked from work; other things
lead me to the. conclusion that the company’s offices were bugged for most
of the 2 1/2 years. that I was there, so "they" would have known a room in
the B&B had been booked. After a few minutes of. this I went back to where
they were sitting and asked where they. were travelling. The boy named a
village in France, and the girl’s. giggling suddenly ceased; presumably it
permeated to her brain cell. what the purpose of the boy’s abuse was.

It is now very clear to me that MI5 were. trying to have me incarcerated,
assaulted. or killed on this trip across Europe. The degree of verbal
violence inescapably leads to this conclusion. When we arrived at. our
destination, it became clear that many people, both in. our tour group and
its guide,. and among the ordinary residents of the town, knew there was a
movement under way to "get". me. MI5 employed many people and significant
resources for an action which they knew would only take. a maximum of ten
days. A commercial operation. would never have felt able to waste such
resources on such an unproductive and. temporary action; only a
state-sponsored, taxpayer-funded entity like the Security Service. would be
able to be so. wasteful.

To give some examples of what happened in those. ten days; I was walking in
some woods outside the town, when. a Polish woman, looking at me, said the
English "shit" in a strongly Polish-accented voice.. For the first three
years 1990-92 MI5 had been trying to force this word on me.. Another
example; I was walking. near my "hotel" when a mother said laughing to her
child, "a. wiesz ze to prawdziwy wariat" which means "you know hes a real
madman". And the "TV reacting" happened there too; on Polish TV,. a bemused
looking journalist said to another, "to jest sprawa. Anglikow", which means
"its the concern of the English", in other words,. none of our business,
despite what the English. are trying to force down our throats.

Just before we left for home, I went with some others from our group. to a
nearby bar. There a man. shouted at me the same sexual obscenity which MI5
have constantly thrown at me these last three years. I. think MI5 try to
justify their various terms of abuse by repeating them at me. until I say
them, either while. conscious or while talking in my sleep; and then they
seize on my saying those words to "prove" that the obscenities are. "my
fault", et cetera. This rather stupid reasoning of theirs can actually. be
seen as indicative of the psychopathic condition attributed to them. in a
previous article; blaming. the victim for the crime you inflict on him is
how psychopaths. think.

Nor. did the persecutors let up during the return trip. Returning on the
ferry over the channel, a rather insalubrious-looking guy talked to. his
mates about "and you know this bloke, hes really mad you. know, hes really
mad". On. the National Express return coach to London, a group of five or
six young people started shouting at me.. I slumped in my seat and tried to
avoid presenting a target, so they. got ever more strident – "whats the
matter with you, cant you hear us?" One of. the other people who had been
on the trip to Poland asked them why they were shouting at. me, and they
said, "hes been to Cambridge", to which. the co-holidayer asked them, "have
you been to. Cambridge?" presumably thinking they were aggrieved fellow
students, but they. answered "no". Even after I left the coach at Elephant
and Castle abuse continued; in the tube station, two kids started. throwing
abuse at me; one of them said to the other, "and you. know he works?" to
which the. other answered "yes".

Immediate Aftermath of. November 1992

As you will know from previous articles, my. manager at OCG – ARIS/Oxford,
Mr Mitchell, induced a mental breakdown in me in. the months leading up to
Nov/92. The diagnosis. was regarded by the persecutors as a victory for
them, because. few if any people give credence to allegations of harassment
when they are made by somebody suffering from schizophrenia.. There is also
a bias against. the mentally ill, an "institutionalised bigotry" in society
comparable to the institutionalised racism against. blacks.

However, MI5 did. not let up on persecuting me following Nov/92. In
December 1992 I. flew by charter jet to Alicante in Spain for two weeks
recuperation.. MI5 planted one of their people on the flight, a youth who
tried to start some noises that "hes a nutter". One. of the other
passengers replied, "oh hes a nutter is he? oh well!" and the youth. shut
up and said nothing for the rest of the flight. I think it would be. fair
to say that. the youth on the flight was embarrassed by what he had been
asked to do in. making the flight "uncomfortable" for me; he sounded
defensive. rather than aggressive.

My first trip to. Canada in June 1993

Ive already covered this in a previous article so Ill. just give a brief
summary here. On 10 June 1993. I flew British Airways from Heathrow to
Torontos Pearson Airport. On de-planing from the aircraft, one of. a group
of four fellow passengers looked at. me and said, laughing, "if he tries to
run away well find him". It was quite obvious that these. four men were the
ones who. had been harassing me since 1990.

I did nothing to apprehend them or bring this incident. to the attention of
the airport authorities, mostly because this was my very. first visit to
Canada, and the last thing I wanted was to get. into a dispute before I had
even finished disembarking. In retrospect, I can see this was. a terrible
mistake; I should have made every effort to. detain and identify these

Subsequently I have made numerous attempts to obtain the names. of these
people from British Airways passenger. lists, by talking to BA, through a
lawyer in Ontario, through. a solicitor in England, through the UK police,
and also through. private detectives in the UK. But all my efforts have
come to nothing. BA. have told me they keep passenger lists for a period of
seven years, so they will still have the list. for this 1993 flight. I did
not see or hear. anything during the rest of my visit to Ontario in 1993
which would. have lead me to believe that I was being watched or followed.

Journey across Canada in summer. 1994

As I think Ive already said in previous articles I emigrated. to Canada in
late May 1994. For six weeks between late May 1994 and early. July 1994 I
travelled across Canada from coast to coast,. starting in Toronto, visiting
various cities and ending. up in British Columbia. I saw this both as
something of a holiday, and the chance to get to know. a little better my
adopted. country.

As you can. guess, MI5 followed me everywhere I went during these six
weeks. In. Toronto, where I started this trip in late May, I was spoken
about by one youth to. another with the words "hes an idiot", to which the
other replied, laughing sympathetically, "good luck to. him".

A couple of days later I went to. Montreal and stayed at the YMCA
downtown. As you can guess (this is all so predictable, isnt it?). MI5
followed. me there and bugged my room at the YMCA. Not only that, but they
managed to. set-up an instance of "newscaster reaction" from a local
television station; while I. was watching a Vermont TV news programme on
the set. in my room, the woman reporter said, "well theyre just tired and
they want to go home",. which sounds like a pretty unprofessional thing to
say until you realise she was. trying to say of me that I was the one that
was supposed to be tired, and they (ie MI5) wanted me. to go home to the

On the bus journey across the North American continent, it was quite. clear
that MI5 were following me every step on the way. For the first. part of
the journey they actually. put someone on the bus with me, a youth who said
at me "that. guys paranoid" and tried to incite other passengers to attack
me. I stopped for a couple of days in Winnipeg. in central Canada, and on
leaving the town heard on the radio a female presenter. ranting about
"insanity! insanity!".. It is very tiring travelling such a long distance
by bus; I. took the journey in two steps, each of about 36 hours; and it is
especially tiring when you know. MI5 are watching you and harassing you
every. step of the way.

When I finally got to Vancouver, MI5 instituted the usual. harassment, in
very short order.. I was surprised how quickly they were able to induce
hatred towards. me in elements of the general populace; the Security
Service must have employed a. number of agents and serious resources in a
very short period of time; and for. no real gain, because I havent been
back to BC for almost five years, so all. their "work" appears to be for
nothing. In downtown Vancouver a street person said. in front of me,
"theyre all talking about him". For a. few days I was staying at Pauls
Guest House. (345 W.14th Ave); on the day I left, the owner Paul shouted at
no-one in particular, "hes going to. Victoria" – which was quite accurate,
I was. indeed going to the provincial capital Victoria on Vancouver
Island. But I had not told anyone at the guest. house where I was going; I
had only. mentioned to my parents back in England on the phone that I was
going away from Vancouver for a few days. Which leads me to. suppose that
MI5s bugging of the phone in my parents. house yielded the
"intelligence" that I intended to visit. Victoria, and they had passed the
information on to. Paul.

When I got. to Victoria it was again obvious that the persecutors were
"doing their stuff" there as well. On the street. I was identified as being
English, although I had not. said anything so my accent hadnt given me
away; and returning by ferry to the mainland, I was abused by a. Canadian
woman who said, "hes a nutter! you can run but you cant hide".. During my
years in Canada I. have never heard the word "nutter" on any other
occasion;. I do not think it is part of Canadians vocabulary; so the
Canadian woman. on the ferry, who was obviously talking about me, must have
been supplied with. this word by the English persecutors. And once I got
back to Vancouver, staying at the Austin Hotel on Granville St, I. listened
to a. conversation in the apartment block directly opposite, and a man
saying, "hes paranoid, so thats. as bad as it can be, so why are they doing
this. to him?".

Holiday in. the States, August 1995

By. 1995 I was living in Canada, and in August I went down the eastern
seaboard. to Florida and as far as Key West by car. As you can guess (this
is all so boring and predictable, isnt it?) MI5 followed me every. step of
the way. I can see in retrospect that. this must have been quite easy for
them as they had my. car bugged, both on the inside to listen to anything
that was said and what radio station I was listening to, as. well as what
must. have been a tracker device installed to track it across long

The first city I visited was Philadelphia. In the old Congress Hall. where
the first US Congress assembled, the. woman guide started referring to my
situation, saying that. "all these people in Europe were watching it", and
they were "a little paranoid". at this 18th-century experiment in
democracy. Also I had recently written a newsgroup post where. Id described
a (female) poster as "wet-nosed". (implying "canine"), and a young girl in
Philadelphia remarked, "so. he thinks were dogs?" There were two or three
more. incidents during this holiday in the eastern States, including a
radio station down near Miami, showing "they" had tracked me all the. way
there, and were bugging the. inside of my car; but I didnt record the
details. and Ive forgotten some of it now. Also down in Miami Beach a
French tourist in. a lift expressed support for me with the words, "cest
incroyable" ie. its incredible, meaning that MI5s well-known. actions
against. me were beyond belief.

To go back a bit, in about May/June 1995 Id. visited New York, again by
car, and was insulted several times by people using the same. words that
had been used against me. in England. In Central Park, and elderly
Englishman (not a real gentleman – but then the. Engish view of themselves
as "gentlemen" etc is quite laughable) looked at me and. said "idiot". And
while I was. eating in a streetside restaurant a New York youth started
laughing and said something like, "I cant believe. it, hes actually here" –
I think that was because I had had an expressed wish to visit New York. for
some years before this, although after this visit I wont. be going there
again for a. very long time.

Visit to Poland. December 1995/January 1996

In December 1995 I flew (BA again, unfortunately -. every time Ive flown BA
one of these. incidents has happened, presumably MI5 is happier setting up
harassment on British-domiciled carrier) from Montreal to. Berlin and
travelled on to Poland to visit. family. MI5 naturally harassed me in
Poland during my brief stay. They followed me around. and got Polish people
to take part in the harassment. In one case two Polish youths. talked in
front of me. saying in English (with marked Polish accents), "fucked up
men, fuck you". There. were also other incidents which I dont remember too
clearly. since it was some time ago.

The return flight connected through Heathrow,. and in the transit lounge
MI5 again set-up harassment against. me. In Poland they were talking their
abuse in English, and in London they set Polish people after me to. speak
in Polish; they heard me on. the phone to my father, and said "a wiesz ze
to Polski wariat", in an almost. sympathetic, inclusive fashion
(translation. "you know hes a Polish nutter").. Once on the flight to
Montreal I was again set upon by two English youths, one of whom spoke. and
the other listened.. The aggressive "fat bastard" youth said, "if he wants
to be a. wanker" (its my fault theyre harassing me, you see),
self-justification that "hes a nutter" (so we. have to keep on abusing him,
because hes ill), as well as talking about the town in Poland. where I had
been staying. He also said,. "he doesnt know who we are", but as already
remarked in a previous article,. that was at best a half-denial of my guess
expressed in internet. newsgroups that the people after me were MI5 – if
anything its a half-confirmation rather than. a half-denial.

These incidents are still going on. You can hear. digitised audio files of
abuse on a BA flight to Berlin. in 1998 on the Web at address

On this flight they were again. attacking my mental health; "paranoid, hes
paranoid" and "nutter" are discernable. The last "during. travel" contact
was at Ottawa Airport on 21 July 1998, when "Alan. Holdsworth" the
psychopath MI5 agent, dressed as a vagrant, was pacing aggressively. in the
departure area. In three weeks I will again be travelling to. Europe; we
will see what fresh. acts of molestation MI5 perpetrate during this trip.


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Prospector Road is a haunted road

Prospector Road is a haunted road in the gold rush country. The
pavement and adjacent hills are over old mines, most of which have
caved in. In a few the collapse of tunnels gave miners premature

Prospector Road is a winding, half paved, often one lane path of a
road which runs the seven mile stretch adjacent to the more traveled
county built and maintained Marshall Road, constructed in 1957 to
accommodate the ever increasing traffic. Marshall Road follows a
narrow cliff from Lotus to Georgetown. Prospector, often called the
"old road" having been utilized since it was built by Chinese labor
in the 1800′s, cuts the winding mountainside connecting with Marshall
both Lotus and Garden Valley. The barely traveled road and
surrounding terrain has a history as colorful as any of the gold rush
Because of the treacherous nature of the countryside, many a wagon and
automobiles overturned, spilling their passengers down the hillsides
to their death.


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