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Ulysses guide?

After reading several RAW books, I’ve finally decided I want to read
Ulysses. Since most people consider it a literary heavyweight, I’m
looking for guides that steer me through Joyce’s world. I already own
"Coincidance" which many find very illuminating regarding Joyce’s
work. Additionally, I would like to get another guide to Ulysses,
though. I’d be very grateful if someone could recommend me one (or

Thanks in advance.


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coup to overthrow Chimpy?

[Wilsoniacs: this piece reminded me of some of the ideas Tequila y
Mota in Illuminatus! reads about in the very real-in-this-
intersubjective-world book, _Coup d’Etat: A Practical Handbook_, by
Edward Luttwack. Also highly decorated Marine Gen. Smedley Butler’s
received offer to overthrow the White House, (see _The Plot to Seize
the White House_, Jules Archer), etc. Another line from Robert Anton
Wilson seems particularly apt right now: "Things were coming to a
head…"- rmjon23)

An insight into the White House debate over military action against
By Peter Symonds
18 July 2007

The British-based Guardian has provided a fresh glimpse into the
fierce debate raging inside the Bush administration over taking
aggressive military measures against Iran. In an article on Monday
based on a "well-placed Washington source," the newspaper concluded
that the balance "has shifted back in favour of military action
George Bush leaves office in 18 months".

It is hardly a secret that Vice President Dick Cheney and his right-
wing backers support a military assault on Iran and are opposed to
diplomacy being pursued by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
Standing on the deck of a US aircraft carrier in May, Cheney warned
that the huge American naval presence in the Persian Gulf was aimed
sending a clear message that the US would "keep the sea lanes open"
and "stand with others to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons
and dominating the region".

According to the Guardian article, following an internal review the
White House again debated policy toward Iran at a top-level meeting
last month with senior Pentagon and State Department officials.
Previously Bush had favoured Rice’s policy of enlisting European
support in "putting a diplomatic squeeze on Iran". At the meeting,
however, Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns indicated that
diplomatic efforts could still be continuing beyond January 2009-the
end of Bush’s term. Cheney expressed frustration and Bush sided with

"Bush is not going to leave office with Iran still in limbo," the
Washington source told the Guardian. "The balance has tilted. There
cause for concern." Bush and Cheney, the source explained, did not
trust any potential successors in the White House, Republican or
Democrat, to deal with Iran decisively.

It is of course impossible to determine the exact balance of
forces in the crisis-ridden Bush administration based on a single
source, no matter how well placed. An article in the New York Times
June 15 put a somewhat different spin on a similar, if not the same,
high-level White House meeting. Also at that gathering, "the hawks in
the room reported later that they were deeply unhappy, but not
surprised" that diplomatic efforts would continue beyond the end of
next year.

The New York Times concluded from its sources that Rice and her
deputies "appear to be winning [the debate] so far". The article
noted, however, that "conservatives inside the administration have
continued to press for a tougher line, making arguments that their
allies outside government are voicing publicly". It pointed in
particular to the remarks of former US ambassador to the UN, John
Bolton, that "regime change or the use of force are the only
options to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapons capability, if
they want it".

The newspaper also noted that one of Cheney’s top aides, prominent
con David Wurmser, had recently told conservative research groups and
consulting firms in Washington that the vice president believed
diplomatic strategy was failing and that by "next spring" Bush might
have to decide whether to take military action against Iran.

Whether Bush is shifting toward Cheney, or Rice is "winning so far,"
is not clear. What is obvious, however, is that the most militaristic
faction in the White House is continuing to wage a tenacious battle
both internally and in the public arena for preemptive military
against Iran, despite the catastrophe facing US forces in Iraq and
against the overwhelming antiwar sentiment of the American people.
According to the contorted logic of Cheney and Co., the difficulties
confronting the US in the Middle East stem from Tehran and will be
solved by either crippling or toppling the Iranian regime through
military strikes.

It should be emphasised that the scope of the White House debate on
Iran is exceedingly narrow. To regard Rice as a "dove" is absurd. In
television interview on CNBC on July 6, she branded Iran as a very
dangerous state that was becoming "increasingly dangerous". Tehran
must know, Rice declared, that while Washington was committed to a
diplomatic solution, "there are coercive elements to US policy as
well". She reiterated that Bush was "never going to take his options
off the table"-in other words, the threat of military action remains.

Rice’s comments confirm the belligerence of her so-called diplomacy
and that any "solution" will be strictly on Washington’s terms. She
only launched her diplomatic offensive for UN sanctions over Iran’s
nuclear programs after Bush had ordered a second aircraft carrier to
the Persian Gulf to underscore the military threat. She has refused
meet with Iranian officials over the nuclear issue unless Tehran
down its disputed facilities in advance. Face-to-face discussions
been limited to a meeting in Baghdad to press Iran to end its alleged
"meddling" in Iraq. Rice’s diplomacy in the UN has consisted of
bullying the EU, Russia and China into backing sanctions against
Tehran, using the implied threat that the alternative is unilateral
military action.

Rice has publicly backed greater funding for "pro-democracy"
activities, including support for internal political opponents of the
Iranian regime. A string of newspaper reports over the past 18 months
testifies that the CIA and other US agencies are engaged in covert
operations to foment opposition, including armed attacks, to
destabilise the Iranian regime. At the same time, the State
has been seeking to consolidate an anti-Iranian alliance of so-called
moderate Middle East states, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and
to undermine Iranian influence in the region. Rice has also backed US
Treasury initiatives to pressure international banks and corporations
to go beyond the current UN sanctions, cut off relations with Iran
thus economically strangle the country.

While she may not currently advocate a strike against Iran, Rice is
well aware that threats are worthless unless one is prepared to carry
them out. Moreover, any one of her aggressive "diplomatic" measures
has the potential to trigger an unexpected chain reaction of events
leading to military confrontation. Rice’s somewhat more cautious
approach is aimed in part at blunting criticism of the Bush
administration’s reckless militarism. Sections of the political and
foreign policy establishment regard an attack on Iran as simply
compounding the disaster for US interests in the Middle East created
by the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Both the Guardian and New York Times highlighted Israel’s demands for
action against Iran’s nuclear facilities as an important factor in
Bush administration’s calculations. Patrick Cronin, director of
studies at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, told
Guardian: "The red line is not in Iran. The red line is in Israel. If
Israel is adamant that it will attack, the US will have to take
decisive action. The choices are: tell Israel no, let Israel do the
job, or do the job yourself."

Since the beginning of the year, several articles have appeared
outlining Israeli military preparations for an attack on Iranian
nuclear facilities. Both US and Israeli officials have seized on the
provocative statements of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to
intensify their military threats. According to the New York Times
article, Shaul Mofaz, Israel’s transportation and former defence
minister, told Rice in Washington last month that sanctions against
Iran had to be strong enough to end uranium enrichment by the end of
the year. If not, he warned, Israel "would have to reassess where we

Israel is unlikely to attack Iran without US approval and is not, in
the final analysis, the determining factor in any US military
decision. However, Israeli officials are maintaining the pressure on
Washington to act. Brigadier General Yossi Kuperwasser, former head
Military Intelligence’s research division, told the Jerusalem Post
last week that the time for launching an effective military strike
against Iran’s nuclear facilities was running out. Assuming without
proof that Iran was intent on building nuclear weapons, Kuperwasser
impatiently warned: "The program’s vulnerability to a military
operation is diminishing as time passes and they are very close to
point that they will be able to enrich uranium at an industrial

The Bush administration is maintaining its relentless barrage of
unsubstantiated allegations that could provide the pretext for war:
that Iran is seeking to build nuclear weapons, supporting anti-US
insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan, and "sponsoring terrorism" in
Lebanon, the Palestinian territories and throughout the Middle East.
But the real driving force for war against Iran lies in US ambitions
to secure its domination over the resource-rich regions of the Middle
East and Central Asia. In its relative economic decline, the US has
increasingly resorted to military means to achieve its ends. The
argument against any US diplomatic deal with Iran is that it would
leave America’s European and Asian rivals, which already have strong
economic and political ties with Tehran, in the driver’s seat.

It is not possible to predict, at this stage, the outcome of the
House debate. But there is no doubt that Bush’s instinctive reaction
is to side with the most ruthless, militarist layers of his
administration. Veteran

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The Day THEY Claimed to Kill John Dillinger


Read the full text of The Times article or other headlines from the

Dillinger Slain in Chicago; Shot Dead by Federal Men in Front of Movie

————————————————————————— —–

————————————————————————— —–
Reached For His Gun
————————————————————————— —–
Outlaw’s Move Met by Four Shots, All Finding Their Mark
————————————————————————— —–
Had Lifted His Face
————————————————————————— —–
Desperado Had Also Treated Finger Tips With Acid to Defeat Prints
————————————————————————— —–
Two Women Wounded
————————————————————————— —–
Agents, Tipped Fugitive Was Going to Theatre, Waited While He Saw
————————————————————————— —–

Special to The New York Times

Chicago, July 22 — John Dillinger, America’s Public Enemy No. 1 and
the most notorious criminal of recent times, was shot and killed at
10:40 o’clock tonight by Federal agents a few seconds after he had
left the Biograph Theatre at 2,433 Lincoln Avenue, on Chicago’s North

One bullet penetrated the head and another the chest of the desperate
outlaw. He died as he was being taken to the Alexian Brothers
Hospital. The body was later removed to the county morgue, where the
identification of Dillinger was made positive.

According to Melvin H. Purvis, chief of the investigating forces of
the Department of Justice in Chicago, and leader of the band of
sixteen men who had waited for more than two hours while the desperado
viewed his last picture show, Dillinger attempted to put up a fight.

"He saw me give a signal to my men to close in," Chief Purvis said.
"He became alarmed and reached into a belt and was drawing the .38-
callibre pistol he carried concealed when two of the agents let him
have it. Dillinger was lying prone before he was able to get the gun
out and I took it from him."

Surgical Disguise Falls

Dillinger had taken great precautions to prevent his being recognized.
His face had been lifted by a surgical process since his last picture
was taken and he had dyed his hair a darker shade than its natural
light reddish brown.

"It was a good job the surgeons did," Chief Purvis said, "but I knew
him the minute I saw him. You couldn’t miss if you had studied that
face as much as I have."

Two women, passers-by who had no connection with the outlaw, were
wounded by stray bullets fired by the Federal agents. They are Mrs.
Etta Natalsky, 45 years old, of 2,433 Lincoln Avenue, and Miss
Theresa, Paulus. Each was struck in the left leg. Their injuries, it
was said, were not serious.

Patron of Gangster Film

Chief Purvis and twelve of his own men, accompanied by Captain Timothy
O’Neill and three members of the East Chicago police force, went to
the vicinity of the small theatre at about 8:30 P. M.

They had received information during the afternoon that Dillinger
would attend the performance of "Manhattan Meldrama," a gang and gun
movie featuring Clark Gable and William Powell in the evening.

The sixteen men were posted strategically, some at all possible exits
of the theatre, with groups to the north and south, and one detail on
the opposite side of busy Lincoln Avenue. Chief Purvis, seating
himself in his automobile a few feet south of the show house, watched.

It was about 8:30 P. M. when Dillinger walked up to the entrance and
bought a ticket, or tickets. A Chicago policeman who happened t be at
the scene said he was accompanied by two women, one dressed in red,
but Chief Purvis said he saw none. Passing into the theatre, Dillinger
took a seat.

While he was inside, the agents completed their preparations for his
emergence. There were so many of them, and their actions seemed to the
theatre manager and to observers in the neighborhood, to be so
suspicious that the police were notified.

Policemen Frank Slattery, Edward Meisterheimer and Michael Garrity,
who investigated, were shown Federal badges by the watchers and
interfered not at all, although they were not told the object of the

According to Chief Purvis, it was two hours and four minutes before
the outlaw walked out of the theatre. He seemed completely at ease. He
wore a while silk shirt, a gray tie flecked with black, white canvas
shoes and gray flannel trousers. He had on no coat. His hat was a
white sailor.

"I was standing in the entrance of the Goetz Country Club, a tavern
just south of the theatre, when he walked by," Chief Purvis said.

"He gave us a piercing look. Just after he went by and was midway of
the next building, a National Tea Company store, I raised my hand and
gave the prearranged signal.

"Dillinger went on, perhaps another dozen feet, and stepped down a
curb to the mouth of an alley. My men, at least five or six, were
closing in on him suddenly.

"I had thought it possible that he could have a weapon concealed and
the plan was to seize him, pinion his arms and make him a prisoner.
However, the men were instructed to take no chances.

"Becoming suspicious, Dillinger whirled around toward the men closing
in. He was facing, I believe, toward the dark alley when he reached
for his pistol. And that was when the shots that killed him were
fired. Four altogether were fired. Two took effect. Presumably the two
women were hurt by the pair that missed."

Instantly there was a great commotion. The injured women screamed.
George Gordon, son- in-law of Mrs. Natalsky and owner of the Goetz
Tavern, hearing that she was injured, ran out to the alley. Seeing the
body of a man lying wounded in the alley, he cried:

"I think that’s my brother-in-law."

The agents, roughly pushing him back, told him to be quiet and not
interfere. The victim, they assured him, was not his brother-in-law.

Chief Purvis leaned over the dying outlaw, looked at a gold fing which
Dillinger was known to wear as a luck piece at all times, took his
pistol from his belt — it was thrust down below the belt — and
ordered that he be taken to the nearest hospital.

There was a quick run to the Alexian Brothers Hospital, but the
institution would not admit Dillinger as a patient. There was a very
good reason for this. He was dead.

The body was laid on the grass in front of the hospital, while four of
the agents stood guard over it until the arrival of a deputy coroner.
This official gave permission for the removal of the body to the
county morgue.

Chief Purvis declined to give out the names of the men who had fired
on Dillinger, nor would he elaborate on the manner in which the
information leading to the killing had been obtained.

"There were two or three men who fired," he said. "I was not one of
them, but they were Federal agents."

Mrs. Pearl Dowss, 924 Montrose Avenue, related that she was only about
three feet away from the group of men when she was startled by the
shooting. A flying bullet almost struck her, she added. But she was so
interested in what had happened that she remained for more than half
an hour at the scene.

Some of the observers of the drama declared that the girl in red, who
dropped behind Dillinger as he emerged from the theatre, raised her
hand, with a handkerchief in it.

It was the opinion of those observers that the girl in red was the
"finger" and was cooperating with the agents. At any rate, she
disappeared after the shooting and there was no clue to her identity.

Within a few minutes a great throng had gathered about the mouth of
the alley. The word had gone forth that John Dillinger, a character
known to all as the most determined and war killer on the continent,
had paid his last debt to society.

Also hastening to the scene, and seeking information, were dozens of
squads of Chicago policemen, who had been kept in the dark about the
presence of Dillinger in the city.

No disclosure was made concerning the length of Dillinger’s last stay
in Chicago, nor concerning the location of his residence.

The presence of Captain O’Neill and his men from East Chicago where
Dillinger shot and killed Policeman William Patrick O’Malley during a
bank hold-up in January, led to reports that they had furnished the
clue that brought the kill. This could not be confirmed.

Policemen Slattery and Meisterheimer were in civilian clothes near the
scene of the shooting. According to Slattery, one of the Federal
agents told him afterward that he was among the luckiest of men.

"When we got the signal you were close to Dillinger," said the agent,
"you looked like Dillinger and I was about to shoot you when the other
fellows let loose and killed the right man."

J. Edgar Hoover, chief of Bureau of Investigation in Washington,
expressed himself as delighted that Federal men had succeeded in
ridding the country of its most dangerous criminal.

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Interview with an Alchemist: Bear Owsley Interview


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American Medical Association: one of top 10 bands that never existed


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Saving A President (uber-blogger Lendman)


Saving a President

In his first year in office, the widely-followed Cook Political
had this assessment of George Bush’s early months as president:
"Looking back over his first five months in office, President George
W. Bush and his administration started off to a strong, fast start
now, his future seems far less certain. Not only are Bush’s overall
job approval ratings slumping, but his disapproval ratings are
climbing (and) after a strong start, the last three months have been
less than auspicious for this new President. The good news….is that
they have plenty of time before the next presidential (or) mid-term
elections. The bad news is that they have a lot of repair work to do
and had better get started." They wasted little time doing it, but no
one (at least the pubic) knew in June what lay ahead in September.

George Bush entered office with an approval rating around 50%. It
a little at first, then slumped moderately as the Cook Report
suggested. Everything changed dramatically September 11. Bush’s
skyrocketed instantly hitting a temporary high around 90% and
above 80% through year end. That momentous day transformed a mediocre
president overnight with some observers incredibly comparing him to
Lincoln, FDR and Churchill combined.

It was laughable then and ludicrous now for a pathetic caricature of
president and man so hated he’s barely able to hang on to avoid what
growing vocal numbers in the country demand – his head and removal
from office by impeachment along with Vice-President Cheney.

Today again, George Bush finds himself in a precarious position at
least. He insists on maintaining a failed policy a growing majority
the country wants ended. As a result, his approval rating is scraping
rock bottom in polls likely "engineered" to keep it from winning all-
time bottom honors as the lowest ever for a sitting president. Dick
Cheney is less fortunate, however, at a bottom-scraping 12% that’s
lowest ever for a president or vice-president by far and then some.

With that in mind, here’s how the Cook Political Report assesses
things as of June 29, 2007: "….after six and a half years of George
W. Bush’s presidency, the Republican ‘brand’ has been badly
As a result, it would take an enormous amount of luck for Republicans
to hold the White House or win back control of the Senate or House,
let alone (do all three)….the GOP (will need) a long and painful
rebuilding process (and) recapturing the White House or congressional
majorities (is) unlikely in the near future." The report suggests a
possible Republican apocalypse even though it notes Democrats have
failed to end the Iraq war, have only delivered on one of their six
major platform planks (increasing the federal minimum wage), and are
scorned as well.

With 18 months to go, what’s a president to do to hang on, run out
clock, and leave office through the normal front door process of his
term expiring, not the result of the Senate voting him out earlier by
"the (required) Concurrence of two-thirds of the Members present" –
hard as that is to do as history shows.

Politicians know, and especially presidents, when in trouble – change
the subject. It’s being changed by ignoring reality, aided by healthy
offerings of the usual kinds of industrial strength corporate media

It features George Bush and his supportive generalissimo and other
brass in Iraq in the lead. They continue asking for more time, insist
the disastrous "surge" is working, say it just needs a chance, and
that withdrawing too soon would trigger a bloodbath on the order of
the Cambodian killing fields according to an earlier preposterous
April claim. Unmentioned is the continued bloodbath caused by the US
presence that won’t end until all American and other hostile foreign
forces are withdrawn.

That won’t happen according to recent reports with the National
Online and other sources recently saying the administration intends
escalate its strength on the ground, not curtail it. More troops may
be brought in, and the Air Force is increasing its hardware. The
powerful B 1 bomber is back (capable of carrying 24 ton bombs) and
making multiple daily and/or nightly strikes. A squadron of A-10
"Warthog" attack planes were sent as well along with additional F-16C
Fighting Falcons. Bombing runs have intensified dramatically, and the
level of violence, deaths and destruction overall is increasing. The
Navy is contributing as well with the USS Enterprise sent to the Gulf
that may or may not replace one of the two Fifth Fleet carriers
already there.

In recent months, the Air Force also doubled its intelligence,
surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) efforts using Predator drones
(capable of striking targets as well as spying), high altitude U2s,
and sophisticated AWACS planes. It all points to one thing on the
ground and back home. Congress can debate all it wants. No Iraq
withdrawal is planned, the conflict is being escalated, and the only
issue on the table is selling the present course to the public with
Congress already signed on showing debate is for show, not for real.
The hard sell is beginning by the timeworn, yet tried and true, sure-
fire method of scaring people to death to go along and in this case
threatening them as well.

On July 17, George Bush issued another of his many presidential "one-
man" decrees titled "Executive Order: Blocking Property of Certain
Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq." More than any
other chief executive in the nation’s history, this President abuses
this practice egregiously as another example of his contempt for the

Economist and journalist Ferdinand Lundberg (1905 – 1995) wrote in
extremely important and revealing book "Cracks in the Constitution:"
The US Constitution "nowhere implicitly or explicitly gives a
President (the) power (to make) new law" by issuing "one-man, often
far-reaching" executive order decrees. However, Lundberg explains
President in the American constitutional system is very much a de
facto king….(he is) by far the most powerful formally constituted
political officer on earth." He has "vast power (and) stands in a
position midway between a collective executive (like the British
system) and an absolute dictator." Lundberg wrote those words over 27
years ago when George Bush was busy making millions (the result of
friendly bailouts) from successive oil business ventures that

George Bush’s family connections delivered for him in business, in
spite of his ineptitude, and finally gave him the grand prize of the
presidency he exploited fully ever since. For him and those around
him, the law is just an artifact to be used, abused or ignored at his
pleasure. He earlier usurped "Unitary Executive" power to claim the
law is what he says it is and in six and half years in office issued
more signing statements (over 800) than all past presidents combined.
The result is he expanded presidential power (already immense as
Lundberg explained) at the expense of the other two branches by
shifting it dangerously toward unlimited executive authority,
otherwise known as tyranny.

The Constitution has no provisions for "Unitary Executive" power or
the right of the chief executive to issue signing statements that
hasn’t deterred this President from doing as he pleases. There’s also
no authorization for issuing Executive Orders, as just noted, beyond
the following vague language Lundberg explained constitutes the
"essence of presidential power….in a single sentence."

Specifically, Article II, section 1 reads: "The executive power shall
be vested in a President of the United States of America." That
statement, easily passed over and misunderstood, means the near-
limitless power of this office "is concentrated in the hands of one
man." Article II, section 3 then almost nonchalantly adds: "The
President shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed"
without saying Presidents are virtually empowered to make laws as
as execute them even though nothing in the Constitution specifically
permits this practice.

George Bush takes full advantage within and outside the law. His July
17 Executive Order is another case in point, but a particularly
egregious and dangerous one. It starts off: The President’s power
stems from "the authority vested in me as President by the
Constitution and the laws of the United States of America" as well as
the International Emergency Economic Powers Act he invokes as well.
The order then continues:

    — "….due to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the
national security and foreign policy of the United States posed by
acts of violence threatening the peace and stability of Iraq and
undermining efforts to promote economic reconstruction and political
reform in Iraq and to provide humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi
people," George Bush usurped authority to criminalize the anti-war
movement, make the First Amendment right to protest it illegal, and
give himself the right to seize the assets of persons violating this

In a message to Congress on the same date, George Bush then stated:

    — "….I hereby report that I have issued an Executive Order
blocking property of persons determined to have committed, or to pose
a significant risk of committing, an act or acts of violence that
the purpose or effect of threatening the peace or stability of Iraq
the Government of Iraq or undermining efforts to promote economic
reconstruction and political reform in Iraq or to provide
assistance to the Iraqi people."

In effect, George Bush, on his say alone and in violation of the
Constitution, criminalized dissent July 17, 2007. By so doing, he
shifted the nation one step closer to full-blown tyranny with other
tightening measures sure to follow

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The "Dog Days"

I’m genuinely surprised that on a forum such as this that July 23rd
can pass without any discussion.

This of course having been the day that Earth is closer to Sirius A &
B than any other time of the year.

RAW is slowly turning in his grave…


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from www.rawilson.com

Dear Friends of RAW
July 23, 2007

It has taken me some time to come to ground and ask for your help in
keeping Bob’s work alive, green and growing (ummm, WHO makes it
green?). My name is Christina, and I am one of Bob’s daughters and
executor of his estate. My brother Graham, my sister Alexandra, and I
have been getting used to EWOB; Earth WithOut Bob.

This website will remain the official RAW site and online center of
RAW’s work. Over the next few months I hope you check back here, as we
hope to get a whole lot of RAW activity generated!

The end of our Dad’s life was fantastical and filled with profound
love and much joy. Yes, there was also sorrow, frustration, stress,
and grieving, but it was far outweighed by the lovingness. It was
truly an extraordinary time. This was made possible in great part
because of you, his beloved friends and fans (and boy did he love

I hope at some point to share with you some of the experiences we all
had over the last eight months of being with him, but right now want
to let you know that I will be working to keep all his writings in
print, and may even be able to print some bits and pieces he never
published. There’s still a lot of mucky-muck to take care of, as when
our mom died, he stopped paying taxes and left a fair debt. Good ole’
Bob! True to himself til the day he died…

Email to the Universe is now to be published in Romania, and soon
several other countries, and there are vague possibilities of some
film stuff floating around. Illuminatus! is now an audiobook and I
hope you all buy it, as he would have loved you to hear it. Some of
his dear friends lent their voices to the production, so it is doubly
precious. What else can I say? Fnord!

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Necronomicon narrative (found in alt.magick)

Dagon Productions wrote:
Seamus wrote:

 > On Jun 28, 7:04 pm, CoreyWhite <CoreyWh…@gmail.com> wrote:
 > <snip>
 > Where do I even begin with this?

There are quite a few jumping off points. There are magicians that
utilize the fictional Cthulhu mythos as a map to practice magick.
I published a book many years ago and New Falcon publications has
published in the recent past, expanded, etc titled "The
by Phil Hine which outlines utilizing the Lovecraftian/Cthulhu mythos
as a magickal system.

 > The Necronomicon, under that name, is purely fictitious, with the
 > possible exception of Donald Tysons’ rendition, which while being
 > wonderful read should not be taken as an actual occult work.

The following cut and paste is the alleged origin of the printed

The Doom that Came to Chelsea

My ex-wife died back in March, after a long and heroic bout with
She walked out on me in 1997, but we remained on good enough terms
I hosted her first and only visit to Vegas in October of 2001. Las
was a refuge from the maudlin hysteria of the time. She was dazzled
it. I got to spend a week with her last year, just before I drove to
California. I didn’t think I’d be coming back, and we both knew that
this would probably be our last time together.

She had just enough strength to walk down the driveway to the
so we spent the week just hanging out, smoking pot and watching
television, going over old times. The pot counteracted the nausea
the chemo and kept her appetite up. I brought her a stuffed toy camel
from the Hard Rock Cafe in Bahrain and a keffiya from Beirut, and
offered pep talks about spontaneous remissions and her old Lotto

"The odds on Lotto are pretty bad," I said, "but you played it twice
week. Your chances of beating this are much better."

I managed to hold back the tears until I got back to my apartment in
Manhattan. I had a tricky moment in the airport bar, but then again,
always do in those places.

I first laid eyes on Bonnie at a bar called the Bells of Hell on 13th
St. just west of 6th Ave. where the Cafe Loup now resides. The Bells
Hell was a hardcore Irish joint with a bar in the front and a good-
performance space in the back. The location and name made the place a
natural watering hole for the customer base of Herman Slater’s
Childe, up in Chelsea at 35 W. 19th St. The Magickal Childe was
zero for the occult explosion in New York City in the 1970s.

Herman Slater and his lover Ed Buczynski had a little occult emporium
Henry St. in Brooklyn, just off Atlantic Ave., back in the early
They mainly sold herbs, candles and oils, but they also carried a
selection of books. The Warlock Shop was just a hole in the wall, but
despite its humble appearance, it was a true cash cow. In 1976, the
pulled up stakes and moved the operation to Chelsea.

At the Magickal Childe, there was enough space to dramatically
the merchandise offered, and since Herman had the cash and the
connections, the new store became, in effect, the one-stop-shop for
and all conjuring needs. In addition to herbs, oils, candles, books,
robes, swords and other accoutrements of the Art, one could find
skulls, dried bats, mummified cat’s paws and a wide variety of
jewelry, a large portion of which was created by Bonnie, my
ex-wife-to-be. A room in the back of the store served as a temple and
classroom for the various strains of wicca that began to gravitate to
the place.

That temple also served as the launching pad for the explosive growth
Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) in the city in the late
70s and early 80s.

Herman had vigorously encouraged and supported the creation of the
Schlangekraft Necronomicon, edited by "Simon." No doubt he’d grown
of explaining to customers that H.P. Lovecraft’s fabled forbidden
was a fiction, a plot device for great horror stories and nothing
He was savvy enough to sell leftover chicken bones as human finger
to wannabe necromancers, so he surely knew that the market for a
"genuine" Necronomicon could be huge-with the right packaging. In
the book made its debut in the window of Herman’s little shop of
in Chelsea. It generated a scene of its own, a scene bursting with
unfocused creativity and slapstick mayhem.

Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea had just published their
trilogy, and interest in secret societies and occult lore was
through counterculture circuits. Grady McMurtry was attempting to
jumpstart the long-dormant OTO in California and had just succeeded
having Aleister Crowley’s Thoth tarot deck published. Punks and
proto-goth/industrial types searched out obscure Satanic treatises
rare tracts from the seemingly defunct Process Church of the Final
Judgement. Unrepentant hippies and uber-feminists found common ground
the gentle, woodsy eco-cult of the wicca, available in enough variant
"traditions" to suit any palate with an appetite for sweets.

None of the wiccan "traditions" were any older than the electric
bulb, and the OTO had its origins in a very dubious Masonic lineage
no greater antiquity than aniline dyes, but that didn’t stop any of
from having a good time. The Necronomicon was not merely the icing on
the cake: It was the hideous formless mass that squatted gibbering
piping where the bride and groom should be.

This was the 1970s, and the whole scene was awash in drugs and crazy
sex. Herman had an appetite for rough trade and kept a steady stream
dope-crazed street hustlers flowing down from the Haymarket Saloon up
8th Ave. above Port Authority. He’d keep them around until they
him off, then give them the boot and move on to the next one. He
them big and stupid, a total contrast with Eddie’s graceful and
intelligent demeanor.

The differing wicca groups were squabbling over the supposed validity
lineage, and there were no fewer than four established OTO groups
internationally, each claiming exclusive dominion over the brand and
trademarks. As a lifelong student of what Crowley termed
"magick" (the
"k" inserted to distinguish the practice from prestidigitation), I
never been a big fan of what I call the "booga-booga" school of
I tend to see the practice more as a form of radical self-help and
advanced covert sales technique than any kind of actual traffic with
disembodied critters and goblins. That said, between the copious
of hallucinogens ingested and the spells and counterspells hurled
around, there were times when the vibes around the store congealed
quivered like a great Waldorf Salad.

Into this bubbling swamp of spiritual fecundity stepped Peter
aka "Simon." Charming, soft-spoken and aloof, well-versed in all
of occult theory and practice, he eased his way to the center of the
scene. The Necronomicon was a team effort. Herman provided the
sponsorship, while the design and layout were the work of Jim
of the OTO, a raving cokehead from Jersey named Larry Barnes whose
had the production facilities and a fellow who called himself Khem
Rising (who also designed the sigils). The text itself was Levenda’s
creation, a synthesis of Sumerian and later Babylonian myths and
peppered with names of entities from H.P. Lovecraft’s notorious and
enormously popular Cthulhu stories. Levenda seems to have drawn
on the works of Samuel Noah Kramer for the Sumerian, and almost
certainly spent a great deal of time at the University of
library researching the thing. Structurally, the text was modeled on
wiccan Book of Shadows and the Goetia, a grimoire of doubtful
authenticity itself dating from the late Middle Ages.

"Simon" was also Levenda’s creation. He cultivated an elusive,
persona, giving him a fantastic and blatantly implausible line of
bullshit to cover the book’s origins. He had no telephone. He always
wore business suits, in stark contrast to the flamboyant Renaissance
fair, proto-goth costuming that dominated the scene. He never got
in public.

In short, he knew the signifiers and emblems of authority, and played
them to the hilt. He hinted broadly of dealings with intelligence
agencies and secret societies operating at global levels of social
influence. He began teaching classes in the back room, and showed a
genuine knack for clarifying and elucidating such baroque encrypted
arcana as John Dee’s Enochian magick system in such a way as to make
understandable even to a novice. He also lacked the guts to let a
know when he was through with her, or so Bonnie said. She was
to know at the time, despite her failing marriage to Chris Claremont,
the comic book author who put the X-Men on the map. Chris was her
husband. I was her fourth, and last.

As Simon, Levenda threw parties with various forms of live
and staged rituals presented by the various groups that swarmed
the shop. He had no political enemies on the scene, owing to his
adamantine and resolute refusal to affiliate with any one group.
has always been a very heavy crossover factor between the Renaissance
fair/Society for Creative Anachronisms crowd, the science-fiction fan
circuit and the occult/wicca scenes. Simon had friends throughout all
these arenas, and they all showed up to support this effort at unity.

The house band for these affairs was Turner and Kirwan of Wexford,
sound was primarily influenced by Irish traditional folk music, Pink
Floyd and the esoteric "Canterbury School" of so-called "progressive"
rock inspired by the band the Soft Machine, which school included
Oldfield; Hatfield and the North; McDonald; Giles, Giles and Fripp.
Connor Freff Cochran (known then simply as "Freff") was nearly always
attendance, juggling and entertaining, ornamental and

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