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Tsunamis, Assassins, and Suckers

Oh, this is good! : http://momentoftriumph.blogspot.com/
or here: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/1/11/173619/170


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Re: Real Election Reform

Even a completely protected vote would still just be, most of the time
it seems to me anyway, just a pick between two different candidates who
owe their true allegiance to the corporations that footed the money for
the campaign.

I would say it’s time for something other than a vote.  I think people
being drawn at random for time in public service would be the best idea

Sort of like being called for jury duty, only it would be for the House
of Representatives.

Think about it. We have the technology, just set up a system that
randomly picks X (X being the number of representatives that state has)
number of names from the general pool of social security numbers.

On what would have been election night the announcement is made that
Jane So-and-So of this district and Yuriko Doe of that district have
been picked to serve their country for two years.  As long as there is
nothing that would have procluded them from serving otherwise off they

Sure this would be disruptive to their life and job, however as it would
also come with a big paycheck and the retirement benefits that a
representative gets, I think most people could deal with it. No more
`senior’ members of the House but what the hey?

This would lead to real representation by the people, instead of a lot
of mostly old white male lawyers who belong to the right club, right
church and kissed the right asses, we would have a possibility of almost
anyone being picked, from a 26 year old openly bi-sexual vegetarian
buddhist woman to even an old white male lawyer, just no strings

This would be mean that the House might would end up being filled with
thieves, nuts, do nothings, fools and the ocansional monster.  

And the difference from now would be?

Me I would gladly take a leave from my 20 – 30 K a year job to make over
100 K for two years and end up with a sweet retirement package to go
legislate the hell out of stuff.

And yes….. I know it has absolutely no chance of happening ever.

Heck of an idea though I think.

Terry McCombs

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Sibel Edmonds in the news…

ACLU Rises to Defense of FBI Whistleblower Edmonds </A> The American
Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) today issued a press release in which it
raised the unresolved case of Sibel Edmonds, the FBI whistleblower who
gave compelling evidence of catastrophic incompetence, corruption and
criminal activity within the FBI and Justice Department and US

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Do you want to live forever?




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title and personality

de trouble with business and such merde,

if nepotism doesn’t work for you, if you haven’t access to position
through bloodlines-

maybe you have high degree of emotional intelligence and who is beta
male and who is alpha male…

but you have to *maybe* start Entry Level..yar!

i am afraid of supervising managers, yea, even managing supervisors.
according to the rule of policy! cause gott may forgive us but our
nerology doesnt.

you do what you do for pay, for house and food and food and house, yeah
even insurances of various sorts.

so in practice…

title and personality. tom ridge, e.g. has a personality. he also has a
title. if when "confronted", or "approached"… do you "play" the
"title" "game", or the "who he is what is his heart/mannerism like"
game. the threat of power of title always "hangs", no matter how
"conscious" or "un-conscious" one may "be" of "it", according to the
"rule of policy", be "it" "socio-nationalist" "policy" or "business"

title and personality, up and down, down and up. management styleee,
super-seer style. uber-viser stylezzz.

ahh, what would jimmy do? what would jimmy do? changes in altitudes
changes in attitudes

personality and titles and qualifications and business degrees! to the
33 degree buziness mysteries. mortgagae mysteriis, marriage mysterees.
only for the many, to understand.

nepotism aint bad. its blood.

drucker did what writers do. wrote his way around. end of economic
manhood…he wrote his own tickets through lofe.

exercise: how does this help you improve your "current condition"?
write a three page proof. or not.

for real exercise: what does it mean to "have" a "boss"? write a
paragraph. pithy and witty, witty and pithy, even conscise. this for
the collection entitled "bossing class citizens" a class of consultancy
and ceos. take time for success

this was NOT dictated to me from doggy dogg dionysious of the dogg
star, serious.

and war!

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RAW(t) = 73 * 365.25 * 24 * 3600 s

Lest anyone forget among us:

The transcendent beast (To Meta Therion) has arc’d through 23 + 20 + 30
spins around old Sol. May his confounding insights, confessions,
challenges, and illuminations carry on for many more in one form or

Happy Birthday, Robert Anton Wilson!

Numerological note: RAW was born in 1932, a year containing 23 as a prime
factor (23*84). I was born in 1955, a glorious 5*17*23, so I feel I’m part
of a special "cycle" with him. My first car was a ’78 Nova (23*86),
continuing the pattern – it was indeed very magical.

(PS – as a synchronicity thing, I found out this swell chick at work, who
I’ve been eyeing for awhile, had her birthday today too. I gave her a card
and some chocolate (Aztec food of the Gods of the less psychedelic sort,
but still a nice little buzz.)

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last week's conspiracy of the week: gassing citizens

This entry takes on new poignancy after all the to do about Saddam.  I would
like to get Paul Krassner’s new cd & see if his insights help me understand
2005 C.E. spaceship earth.

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Leary beheading video?

So yesterday I went to Borders with a $50 gift certificate I received for
Christmas, and while looking at the DVD documentaries they had, found one I
hadn’t heard of called "Timothy Leary’s Dead." I remember hearing that he
wanted to be frozen, but that the company decided against it or something
because they didn’t like the idea of keeping their equipment at Leary’s
house and felt he was being disrespectful or something. Anyways, at the end
of this documentary they show what appears to be a dead Tim Leary having his
head sawed off and thrown in a cooler. Made me feel a little weird, but by
far the least disturbing beheading video I’ve seen. Anyways, the weird part
is after they show that, they show some guy applying plaster to his head
when he was still alive, without explaining why. Did Leary really have his
head frozen, or did they do it as some kind of hoax?

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Rummy and Flight 93 (curiouser and curiouser)


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Ecstasy 'May Ease Fears of Dying Cancer Patients'

I can’t tell which reality I’m in these days:


Ecstasy ‘May Ease Fears of Dying Cancer Patients’


American scientists are investigating whether the illegal "rave" drug
Ecstasy can ease the anxiety of dying cancer patients in their final days.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a pilot study looking at
whether the recreational hallucinogen can help terminally-ill patients
lessen their fears, quell thoughts of suicide and make it easier for them to
deal with loved ones.

"End of life issues are very important and are getting more and more
attention, and yet there are very few options for patients who are facing
death," Dr John Halpern, the Harvard research psychiatrist in charge of the
study, said.

The small four-month study is expected to begin early next spring. It will
test the drug’s effects on 12 cancer patients from the Lahey Clinic Medical
Centre in the Boston area. The research is being sponsored by the
Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, a non-profit group
that plans to raise 250,000 (-184,816) to fund it.

MAPS, on its web site, touted the study’s approval, saying "the longest day
of winter has passed, and maybe so has the decades-long era of resistance to
psychedelic research."

The FDA would not comment, but this will be the second FDA-approved study
using Ecstasy this year. South Carolina researchers are studying the effects
of Ecstasy on 20 patients suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Ecstasy, known scientifically as MDMA – methylenedioxymethamphetamine – is a
chemical cousin of methamphetamine and typically induces feelings of
euphoria, increased energy and sexual arousal. But it also suppresses
appetite, thirst and the need to sleep, and in high doses can sharply
increase body temperature, leading to kidney and heart failure, and death.

It peaked in 2001 as a trendy recreational drug used by youth at gatherings
called "raves" and dance clubs.

Halpern, who has done other research on the effects of hallucinogenic drugs,
said that some, when used properly, could have medical benefits. He said
that unlike LSD, Ecstasy was "ego-friendly" and unlike some pain medications
it did not oversedate people and make them foggy and unsteady.

Instead, he said, it could reduce stress and increase empathy. There were
anecdotal reports, he said, of people dying of cancer who took Ecstasy and
they were able to talk to their family and friends about death and other
subjects they couldn’t broach before.

"I’m hoping that we can find something that can be of use for people in
their remaining days of life," he said. If there are no significant
problems, he said broader studies would follow this one.

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