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System VIII Drug: Ketamine

As per RAW’s assertion in CT1 that this drug activated the 8th (as researched
and reported by John Lilly), and "(according to a wide-spread but unconfirmed
rumor) given to astronauts to prepare them for space." (CT1, p.206 or
I’ve done some digging recently. But I haven’t done ketamine. So far NADA on
Special K as prep for space, but have recently become aware of the existence of
at least one trip report from a non-Lilly source, in a recent book on the "club
scene" during the 90s in a book called _Clubland: The Fabulous Rise and
Murderous Fall of Club Culture_ by Frank Owen, who wrote (writes?) for the
Village Voice.

Any one else tried K? Has anyone out there found anything of interest about K
in Kenneth Ring’s books? And what relationship does Kenneth Ring have with
Indole Ringh?

So far, the most interesting non-John Lilly (what relationship does Eli…?)
sources on existential-phenomenological-subjective accounts about I’ve run
across are here:


In Peter Stafford’s _Psychedelics Encyclopedia_ he says ketamine is "a compound
featured in Hitchcock’s FAMILY PLOT." I haven’t seen that film in a long time;
now I’m piqued.

rmjon23 de Los Angeles
"Democracy is the theory of government based on the notion that the people know
what’s best for them, and they deserve to get it good and hard." – Mencken

U'coffee-machines: Сервисный центр по ремонту кофеварокв Киеве. .
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Heidi Klum to play Ursula Andress

      The newest James Bond girl, our beautiful Angel Heidi Klum, will play one
of the most famous Bond girls ever, Ursula Andress, in a new movie about the
life of
the actor Peter Sellers:


      Ursula was born in Switzerland of German parents.  The children’s book
character, Heidi, was German, too, but got to spend a lot of time in

      Ursula became famous through her role in the Bond movie "Dr. No".

      Heidi is playing the character Katya Nadanova in the new Bond interactive
videogame "Everything or Nothing".  Her partner in the game is named Nikolai
Diavolo, played by Willem Dafoe, a thinly disguised version of me, Dr. Nick

      Dr. No

      Dr. Kaffes

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23 in the news again

Taken from the British national newspaper ‘the Daily
Telegraph’ of thursday. July 3rd 2003.

The mystique of No 23

David Beckham has added mystics to his growing list of
admirers by opting to play in the number 23 shirt.
    Already regarded as a youth idol and a black and gay
icon, Beckham now holds a curious new appeal for those for
whom the figure 23 has a deep and in some cases rather
sinister significance. They call their interest
    A legion of websites devoted to the subject covers
everything from Hollywood to space travel and conspiracy

  Orson Welles was 23 when he created panic in America with
his radio broadcast of War of the Worlds. He died in 1985
which, when the original digits are added together,

  Bob Fosse the dancer, was born and died on the 23rd of the
month. In Die Hard III the train derails in station 23.

  Julius Caesar was said to have been stabbed 23 times,
which is perhaps appropriate as the Latin alphabet has 23

  William Burroughs, the late author, was so obsessed by the
number he kept a scrapbook on it. He did so after being told
by Captain Clark, a ferry skipper, that he had sailed
between Spain and Morocco for 23 years without incident –
hours before the ship sunk.
    Later that day the writer heard news of an air crash in
which flight 23, piloted by Captain Clark, crashed on route
to New York from Miami.

  Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, ejected from his
spacecraft at 23,000 feet and 23 days later, Alan Shepherd,
who was born in 1923, became the first American in space.

  On a darker note, 23 was the Manchester City shirt number
of Marc-Vivien Foe, who collapsed and died last week while
playing for Cameroon. His club has withdrawn the squad
number in his honour.

  Babe, the lovable pig in the film of the same name, is
contestant number 23 in the sheepdog contest.

  Beckham however is believed to have chosen 23 for more
prosaic reasons – it is the number worn by his sporting hero
Michael Johnson, the baseball player.

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Crowley and Huxley ?

I was re-reading Cosmic Trigger I for the millionth time the other day
and read where RAW mentions that Huxley was turned on to peyote by
Aleister Crowley for the first time…but then I remembered reading
the bio of Crowley by Lawrence Sutin a couple of years ago and I think
he said that was untrue…does anyone know for sure?  Also…has
anyone read Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley by Richard
Kaczynski?  I just want to know if it’s worth reading after Do What
Thou Wilt by Sutin…

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America on Watch and fans fawn naively over Bush

Dick Marcinko and Peter Weissbach of America on Watch were talking today about
Bush and the question of the missing weapons of mass destruction. The way Peter
was fawning over Bush, was not as indulgently cheesy as Hannity in tone, but it
was still so lacking in a savvy person’s wariness of politicians. Why is
credulity and idolatry now a supposed conservative virtue? I don’t know much
about Peter, but I expect better from Marcinko. Peter was blaming the whole
fiasco on George Tenet and the CIA, saying  Tenet should go, had misled Bush,
and of course it all started with Clinton. (Ironically, the  hosts blamed much
on lack of humint, but the reports from Iraqi exiles and dissidents  formed a
huge bulk of the case. More outrageous, Peter ragged on Ahmed Chalabi as an
absentee dolt, but Chalabi was a Cheney favorite and the Administration’s
hand-picked successor candidate. This was not mentioned.)

I don’t pretend to know what really happened with WMD, and I know there was
*some* evidence from a variety of sources (including Iraq.) However, I had my
fill of this worshipful and unfair cheese, and got through and made the
following point: The serious charge being leveled is use of exaggeration and
spin, not fabrication out of whole cloth. As a casus belli, that’s bad enough.
A variety of commentators and sources have reported that CIA analysts have
reported pressure to give the Administration what it wanted as a case for war,
or at least from a hawkish faction (Rummy, Wolfie, Cheney, et al, the latter
making many visits to the CIA.)

The answer I got from was the expected: that’s what all the left-wing media
say, they got it from the discredited NY Times (which I haven’t even read
lately), the Democrats just want a campaign issues, etc. Well, I said I had
heard it from basically all over. [from anywhere but the sort of faux media
that won’t report things unfavorable to Bush. To think, just a decade ago the
Right was apoplectic about the problem of media bias, not telling the whole
story, etc. Now, they expect same from as much of the media as they can get
their hands on.] At the very least, we should inquire into Administration
conduct, but they are trying to block that.

Some guy from Niceville ? Florida chimed in a few minutes later, called me a
little dolt from [wrong city] as per common rightdio fan practice, and then
proceeded with his stunning analysis: Bush wouldn’t have tried (or by proxy
either, I suppose) to mislead the American public because he knows it would
turn against him. !? I have several things to say about that, you petty
goose-stepping sycophant, which is fair turnabout:
It is well accepted as a matter of rational debate, that "would have…" type
arguments from supposed human rationality are the weakest link of any argument.
People do all kinds of silly and ill-advised things, or expect to get away with
them for various reasons. The criminal justice system is just one example where
we could eliminate so many suspects, who really turn out to be guilty, if
everyone avoided doing X, Y, Z in light of the consequences or possible
consequences. Just look for another example what politicians have actually
done: everything from the Gulf of Tonkin incident, a similar case of
intelligence spin, to Trent Lott’s feckless remarks about the lost blessings of
a possible Thurmond Presidency, to Clinton’s reckless dalliance. (Now that I’ve
criticized two Democrats, I guess I confused the dittoheads.)

Intelligent thinkers know that real data about happenings, and not trust in the
ostensible rationality of any decision maker (especially one that seems
impulsive, stubborn, expressing himself in boyhood boasts like "Bring ‘em on!)
is the way to get insight and to get real.

Actually, Bush may not have to worry anyway. He may be counting on real dolts
like you, Niceville caller, to be naive and credulous and get him through
whatever he does.

PS: If the Administration/GOP/Rove/Conservative media gang up to sack Tenet
and the Agency as a scapegoat for all this, I hope he retaliates with the
Mother of all Beans Spillings. Just lay it all out, the works, the whole bloody
mess for all to see. Yeah, bring ‘em on!


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last week's conspiracy of the week: christians awake aids theory

Last week’s cover story on the possible future legality of gay marriage
suggests the deep homophobia in our culture.  I love the line from the
Dhamapada, "Hate will not end hate, not hate will end hate."

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conspiracy of the week: Church of Mary Magdalene

The south of France in the MIddle Ages fascinates me.  Provance gave birth to
kaballah, the troubadours and the Albigensian heresy.  Pound thought that this
area escaped destruction by the Germanic tribes, so that more of the pagan
culture of Rome and Greece survived there than in the other former portions of
the Roman Empire.  Gershom Scholem saw the birth of the kaballah as revival of
Jewish Gnosticism.  Pound saw the troubadours as a revival of the Greek light
of Eleusis.

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New "Virtual Reality"/art on horizon?

I think RAW once mentioned a ‘virtual reality’ version of Timothy
Leary’s Mind Mirror in the works?

Sounds good to me. I imagine a new type of art-form – rich,
atmospheric 3D visuals combined with a more complex interaction than
deciding which firearm to use for obliterating monsters. I always had
more interest in exploring the visual environments than shooting or
solving repetitive puzzles (what they call "game play" in computer

Think of all the artistically gifted kids into underground comic-book
art and/or computer games design, rather than mainstream design jobs.
Surely a graphically-awesome VR version of "Reality is what you can
get away with" can’t be too far off?

Also, I don’t see the full VR goggles/equipment as necessary. If TV
can hypnotise people into movieworld/ad-world and computer games have
such an overwhelmingly evil, Satanic, antisocial influence on
children, then TV/computer screens seem adequate for the new art.

"Imagine the possibilities!" as they say.

(Any examples/projects that anyone knows of?)

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2323 Metropolis Street

As there are some Discordians here I thought I would pass along a newly
discovered 23 that I have just seen.

I have just happened on another instance of the number 23 playing a part
in a film.

I was watching the new DVD release of the restored authorized edition of
Fritz Lang’s 1927 Metropolis.  

It takes place when Freder has gone into The Depths and is watching
worker 11811 work at this big clock like machine.  The worker has to
move two arms to point at different lightbulbs that light up above
different numbers.

As he is watching the desperate 11811 is having a hard time keeping up
with the changing lights.  When 2 & 3 lights up he just barely manages
to get the hands of the machine to point at the numbers and collapses.

Freder grabs him before he falls. He exchanges clothing with 11811 and
tells him he will take over the running of the machine.

There is a cut away to other action in the film when we return to Freder
he is at work at the machine pointing those hands at those lights.  

Again 2 & 3 light up, when this happens a piece of paper falls out of
11811′s coveralls and Freder finds plans for a secret meeting in the

However Freder does not know where that is, more desperate number
pointing goes on as he looks at the plains.  Again 2 3 lights up and on
cue an extra seeing him looking at the paper while running the machine
conveniently informs him where to go to get to the meeting and that it
takes place at 2 O’Clock.

As Freder continues to work at the machine he goes into one of his
periotic fever dreams and hallucinates the machine turning into a huge
clock, Freder sprawls in a crucified stance with his back against it as
the arms fall to what looks like 2:30 the title card reads "Oh Father!
How long can a 10 hour shift be!"

Yeah I been there Freder.

By the way, as a personal aside the copy of the DVD that I got was bad
and  halfway though the picture broke up and stopped with only some
unsteady music playing over and over again.   When did this happen?

Why at the end of chapter 23 of course.


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just became aware of Harry Potter's godfather's name…

…it’s "Sirius Black."…

…I now return you to your regularly scheduled metaprogramming…

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