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Hans Blix or Heidi Klum?

      One of my self-imposed daily tasks as Prophet Emperor is to check the
News listings at


for "Heidi Klum".

      The latest newspaper article on Our Lady asks the question:

     "Who is more likely to solve the dilemma of Iraq — Hans Blix or Heidi


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conspiracy of the week: The Book of the Law

Well, I reread the intro on Liber AL in The Portable Darkness & started
rereading Liber AL itself, but I don’t find myself in too much of a Crowley
mood right now.  As they say in the NBA, "Do It Like Wilt Shall Be the Whole of
the Law" (or "Take it to the Whole").

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Angie Harmon is Greek

      I have written in the past that actress/model Angie Harmon


has a certain facial similaity to Heidi Klum


and that she is featured in Illuminati symbolism, too.

     Well, the current issue of "People" magazine (December 30, 2002) has a
photograph of Angie on page 37, where she states that she is Greek.  This is
very fitting, because she is married to football player Jason Sehorn, who is
named after a hero of Greek mythology.

      Angie and Jason were engaged on March 13, 2000, on "The Tonight Show with
Jay Leno".  That was the day before Big Tuesday of the Presidential primary
season, the day when Bill Clinton was exactly twice as old as Heidi in number
of days.

      Angie and Jason were married on June 9, 2001, on the birthday of Michael
J. Fox.

      Angie Harmon (AH) and Angel Heidi (AH) seem to be more than casual
acquaintances: Heidi had invited Angie and Jason to her third annual Halloween
party on October 31, 2002.  Moreover, in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show,
broadcast on November 20, Heidi helped Jason buy gifts for Angie at a VS store.

      Ey, Angie, otan deis tin Heidi xana, pes tis oti tin agapo poly, poly,
poly kai oti ekho kalon skopon gi’ aftin.  I, pare tin sto tilephono.  Pes tis,
se parakalo, oti eimai kalo paidi, Ellinas vlepeis.  Efkharisto poly.

      Khairetismata ston Jason kai Kala Khristougenna.

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The best damn Paranormal Science FAQ you'll ever read!!!

The best damn Paranormal Science FAQ you’ll ever read!!!
Presented by The Sage, copyright 1999

==================THE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS======================

1. What is paranormal science all about?
2. Where did the idea of paranormal phenomena first originate from?
3. Doesn’t quantum mechanics imply the existence of paranormal
4. What about the experimental results of people or organizations like
   Rhine, PEAR, or PEER?
5. Why would people choose to believe in paranormal phenomenon, if it
   really doesn’t work?

=========================AND THE ANSWERS==============================

——————-Answer to question number one———————-

The term "paranormal science" does not accurately describe what
paranormal science is all about because the paranormal science is only
a label and not an objectively factual description of what it really
is. There are alot of things that people concatenate the word
"science" to just so it sounds like it actually could be a respectable
science, but a rose by any other name is still a rose.

If you take the time to look at all the links on the internet
regarding paranormal science in the search engines, you will notice
that all anyone has to offer in favor of the study of paranormal
phenomenon are explanations. One mechanically repeatable experiment is
worth 10,000 of the best sounding explanations. This highlights the
fact that explanations are not evidence, they are storytelling. For
example, I can pretend in the existence of invisible pink elephants
and can use that belief to perfectly explain how the world was created
or how stars go supernova, but it wouldn’t have a thing to do with
reality now, would it? Likewise, explanations of paranormal phenomenon
are just another modern day retelling of the "Emperor’s New Clothes".

You cannot study something that you cannot demonstrate with anything
other than mere words. I can claim to be able to powerlift 1500
pounds, and I can scientifically explain how it is possible for
someone with the right characteristics to do that, but it is a
completely different matter to DEMONSTRATE that I can actually do it.
Offering explanations instead of evidence is putting the cart before
the horse! It isn’t very scientific and the conflict of interest
factor is overwhelming when one takes a pet hypothesis and tries to
find ways to explain it instead of taking the logical and scientific
approach of looking at the actual available evidence and seeing the
evidence for what it really is instead of what one wishes it were.

——————-Answer to question number two———————-

Psychologists are all very aware of the fact that the mind deceives
us. We are especially prone to distorting the details of cause or
sequence. The unconscious ignores time and it remembers things in
terms of narratives and emotional content and not sequence or logic.
Rarely do people ever tell a completely straight story — any
psychology textbook will tell you that. It is in people’s nature to
confabulate, misperceive, and acquire false memories — in fact the
longer the elapsed time between an event and the time it actually gets
documented, the taller the tale becomes. The problem with many people
is that they want to incorporate their feelings alongside the facts
because many people would rather see reality for what they wish it
were instead of what it actually is. Is it any wonder then, that
something like 50% of all Americans believe that the earth is
approximately 6000 years old merely because a contradictory and
contrived mythical storybook called "The Bible" says so?

What this all indicates is that ESP experiences don’t happen, they
only appear to happen. Take the example of psychic healings and faith
healings. Both are placebo effects, and hence the reason why they
cannot cure most people, especially people with physically real
defects such as deformed limbs, third degree burns, etc.
Interestingly, when such healings fail, the failure is always blamed
on the client for lacking faith, instead of blaming the practitioner
as one would logically do if a ordinary everyday medical doctor failed
to treat a patient.

Where did the fairytale of the existence of ESP originate from, if it
were not from prior observation or a logical extension of already
existing facts (ie — deduction)? The answer can only be, "From
someone’s imagination". I can imagine anything I want to imagine but
that doesn’t make it possible, it makes it irrelevant. I mean if there
has never been a single verifiable occurrence of this mythical ESP
ability being demonstrated, then what logical and common sense reason
do people have for thinking that it could have or must physically
exist at all? They have none because all the characteristics of ESP
perfectly fit the definition for make believe and not physical
reality. If you choose to consider the possibility that ESP exists,
then you must also choose to consider the possibility that all science
fiction writers are actually modern day historians.

——————Answer to question number three———————

At this point in time, there is no difference between Alchemy and
Quantum Mechanics. Many modern day sciences started off as fringe
sciences (alchemy led us to the modern day science of chemistry, for
example), all of which utilized wild-ass speculations and the
unconscious projections of fantasy whenever and wherever possible.
That is why psychologists like Carl Jung were so interested in
bleeding edge research in physics, not because of what it "proved" in
relation between matter and spirit, but what it exposed about the
psychology of humans through their projections when faced with the
currently unknown and unexplainable.

Certainly, if you follow the logic of quantum mechanics, you can find
it easy to accept the belief that things affect one another on a
cosmic scale in ways that we are yet incapable of explaining but
"incapable of explaining" does not mean it can never be explained, it
is only a matter of time before there will be an explanation. What
quantum mechanics illustrates for us is that when a particular subject
is sufficiently beyond comprehension of an individual, they will tend
to think of that subject in terms of being mystical and magical. A
little understanding can go along way towards eliminating
superstitious thinking like that.

The efforts that some "scientists" make to find room for the operation
of a supernatural divinity or magic or metaphysics are as futile to me
as the crudest attempt of a witch doctor to make it rain by sprinkling
water on the ground. All ESP is pure delusion based on misdirected
emotion, and inaccurate and illogical thinking. ESP isn’t a matter of
physics but of chemistry. People high on chemicals like drugs can see
or hear things too, but that doesn’t make them physically real things,
they still remain what they always were: hallucinations. The current
laws of physics AND psychology are adequate to sufficiently explain
all paranormal phenomenon and in fact, Jung himself adequately
explained much parapsychological phenomena in his research article,
"On the Psychology and Pathology of So-Called Occult Phenomena".

I see nothing mystical or magical about quantum mechanics. What is
truly mystical or magical is when someone tries to imply that what
supposedly happens on a scale as small as 1e-14 meters is going to
have a huge effect on something 200,000,000,000,000 times larger,
instead of the other way around. Scientists like Roger Penrose and
Jack Sarfetti have their own pet quantum mechanical theories which can
"explain" (…there’s that word again…) consciousness and maybe also
PSI but what these people fail to see is the obvious point that the
quantum mechanical effects of one tiny electron is hardly going to
have any noticeable effect on something containing trillions and
trillions of electrons — especially when you consider the fact that
the indeterminateness of one or two electrons is something that only
occurs in laboratories under artificial conditions and not under
ordinary or natural conditions.

——————Answer to question number four———————-

Carl Jung states that, "Great credit is due to JB Rhine for having
established a reliable basis for work in the vast field of these
phenomena by his experiments in extrasensory perception, or ESP. He
used a pack of 25 cards divided into 5 groups of 5, each with its
special sign (star, square, circle, cross, two wavy lines). The
experiment was carried out as follows. In each series of experiments
the pack is laid out 800 times, in such a way that the subject cannot
see the cards. He is then asked to guess the cards as they are turned
up. The probability of a correct answer is 1 in 5. The result,
computed from very high figures, showed an average of 6.5 hits. The
probability of a chance deviation of 1.5 amounts to only 1 in 250,000.
Some individuals scored more than twice the probable number of hits.
On one occasion all 25 cards were guessed correctly, which gives a
probability of 1 in 298,023,223,876,953,125. The spatial distance
between experimenter and subject was increased from a few yards to
about 4,000 miles, with no effect on the result" (On Synchronicity, by
Carl Jung, Portable Jung, pg 509).

Now note the following facts:

Why is it that the only evidence that we supposedly have for ESP is
just a bunch of numbers on a piece of paper? Why can’t anyone actually
demonstrate something for us? Statistics is not proof, it’s a way to
indicate a trend. If you want to determine a new value for a constant,
you resort to statistics to narrow down the margin of error. If you
want to know what the weather may be like tomorrow, you resort to
statistics. If you want to determine typical behavioral reactions of
humans to certain stimuli, you conduct a statistical experiment. But
all of the above examples are still prone to unpredictability, and in
order to be valid, must

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Nick photographed with Heidi Klum!

      It finally happened!


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Goddess' message

The following thoughts can be appreciated without too much fretting about how to reify,
or not reify, whatever moves around or within us to bring the gift of special
experiences. (A long lineage of phenomenological mystics, from practical shamans to
Crowley and Robert Anton Wilson, have carried on this way of thinking.) I try to
integrate the best of various traditions without being dogmatic or even confident about
anything in particular. The idea of the Divine being conceived as female appeals to me,
for it brings together a sense of the abstract mystical, and the intimate feelings I can
have for a real human being. Once, in a reflective mood, I felt as if Goddess was
whispering some thoughts to me. What I heard was:

I am your eyes and ears,

You are my hands and feet.

This sounded poetically fetching, and I had that sense of having had a very meaningful
experience. Then, I thought about it. Divine consciousness is indeed what informs our
more noble perceptions, of seeing the worth of other beings, the sacredness of nature,
etc. So, Goddess is indeed our eyes and ears, for without Her we could not really see.
And ironically, in our maturity we realize that it is a real person only, who can save
the drowning lady, or teach the student how to build or figure, grow food, or do
whatever can be considered "the work of God" – and I certainly mean what raises
consciousness, makes beautiful and useful, promotes insight, and so on. So, we are
Goddess’ hands and feet, for without us She could not truly act. If we suppose that the
phenomenal world emanated from some sort of divine perfection or oneness, we can imagine
that it was to find material expression while still keeping a little flicker of the
original all-knowing light.

Only recently I found during a Unity sermon that Theresa of Avila had said much the same
thing hundreds of years ago through her Catholic tradition and Jewish roots. The
parallels are striking:

“Christ has no body now but yours, no hands or feet on Earth but yours. Yours are the
eyes through which He looks with compassion on the world. Yours are the feet with which
He walks to do good. Yours are the hands with which He touches all the world."

– St. Theresa of Avila

I admire from Unity and other Christian metaphysical churches, the saying:

The Christ in me greets the Christ in you.

Then I see the following from the website http://www.caw.org/articles/WhatIsCaw.html of
the Church of All Worlds, which I greatly admire:

"CAW believes that humanity needs to be in harmony with its Self, for the Self is seen
as a manifestation of Divine immanence in Nature."

Experience the divine, and see it around you. I know how much hard work and practical
trouble we are faced with, but we need more of this attitude, and less haggling over how
to interpret it, now more than ever, I am convinced.

Neil Bates

Merry Christmas, or what you please

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Global Waveform Check — (**Anything Can Happen**)

You sure you don’t want an entity superior to you in every way,
reknown for its _______ as well as being entirely controlled by
chance encounters with damaging jolts to body occupying your mind?

600: "So when did voices begin?"


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via Abuddhas Memes

"The true "genius" of the law is not its ability to conceal the
violence of its operations but rather its ability to take advantage of
popular culture to make this unnecessary by manufacturing a desire for
the violence and force of these operations. Thus, opposition is not
rendered difficult but is erased from the field of desired

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Good Xmas gift (book)

Not by RAW, but up the right alley: ‘Into the
Buzzsaw : leading Journalists expose the myth
of a free press.’  Prometheus Books, 2002.  
Just sent one gift wrapped from Amazon to a
family member.

I’d dismissed the TWA800 nutcase websites, but
these journalists do a great job of dredging up
my doubts on the official line — and that’s
just one thread of many.  If you’ve not read
any Greg Palast before, this is a good intro
to his stuff (one of the anthologized essays).

And who am I?  Collectors of RAW-related arcana
will remember the Dictionary of Conspiracies or
whatever it was called, with an entry under
GRUNCH and/or Great Pirate or both, with URLs to
teleport-dot-something.  That’s the downside of
a book which points to the web — hardcopy gets
outta date.  Like, Earthlink bought Teleport
(or Onemain bought Teleport and Earthlink bought
Onemain) and the new owner’s didn’t keep that
domain name intact.  So I’m at www.grunch.net
nowadays — a lot of the same content.


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Sen. Feinstein's response to Total Information Awareness

(For our non-Unistatian readers, Senator Dianne Feinstein lists herself as a
Democrat from California. – rmjon23)                

                      December 13, 2002

Dear (rmjon23):

     Thank you for writing to me about the Total Information
Awareness (TIA) project and protecting civil liberties.  I appreciate
hearing from you and I welcome the opportunity to respond.

     As a member of the Defense Appropriations
Subcommittee which has jurisdiction over TIA appropriations I do
not believe that Congress ever expressly sanctioned TIA.  Indeed,
the relevant defense appropriations legislation for this fiscal year, as
well as previous fiscal years, does not specifically mention the

     I am also concerned about that the fact that Department of
Defense dollars are being spent on research for what seems to be a
domestic law enforcement program, apparently without appropriate
oversight.  In my view, this controversial, potentially mammoth
project merits a complete review.  I have asked the incoming
chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Orrin Hatch
(R-UT), to have a hearing to flesh out some of the issues and
explore possible solutions.  In the meantime, I plan to work with
Senator Inouye (D-HI) and others to develop legislation to prohibit
that Department of Defense from spending any funds on this project
until there is specific Congressional approval.

     Again, thank you for writing.  If you should have anymore
questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact my office
in Washington, D.C. at (202)224-3841.

               Sincerely yours,

               Dianne Feinstein
               United States Senator


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