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The Occult Technology of Power or the boy who dashed a thulesand kim….lol

Hey gang, sit back take your shoes off,cause i think you may enjoy
This is a pretty long read,but i bet you’ll resonate with it as i
have,…moreover, it has also be seen as an "epiphany" to some who i
have had
read it. Also,i feel i should reiterate that i thor,personally
do not believe
in anything -or so i like to think…lol. As  Raw says or is quoted as
saying: "Belief is Brain damage" he (raw) say’s "I don’t believe
anything I write or say. I regard belief as a form of
, brain damage, the death of intelligence, the fracture of creativity
(B.S.)atrophy of imagination. I have opinions but no Belief System .He
(Wilson)Further, goes on to say we have to break-out of our
trance i.e. yes/no black/white good/bad dual thinking and make room
for a ‘maybe’- as it were…, raw regards things on a
scale of probabilities he says "The things that seem most absurd, put
under ‘Low Probability’, and the things that
seem most plausible, you put under ‘High Probability’. Never believe
anything. Once you believe anything, you stop
thinking about it. The more things you believe, the less mental
activity. If you believe something, and have an
opinion on every subject, then your brain activity stops entirely,
which is clinically considered a sign of death,
nowadays in medical practice.
 I thor try to live that….with mediocre success…lol
 Hell, some days i don’t even believe what i believe…lmao
 One last thing, i got this on file from a friend a few years back,
 asked me to keep in mind the Bush cartel while reading it, I was at
 the time reading (http://www.sacred-texts.com/atl/vril/ )Sir Edward
Bulwer-Lytton’s "The coming race"
 Note:the above is a link to Lord Bulwer-lytton’s vril,but the post i
 highlighting here is below…"The Occult power of Technology"
 needless to
 say if you do read this, in today’s climate it will become quite
surreal and
 very creepy. So be forewarned…lol
  Tanks,boys and gurls…lol
  p.s. i have the original text of this and where it is from and by
  whom …maybe…lol.

If all people learned to think in the non-Aristotelian manner
of quantum mechanics, the world would change so radically that
most of what we call "stupidity" and even a great deal of what we
consider "insanity" might disappear, and
the "intractable" problems of war, poverty and injustice
would suddenly seem a great deal closer to solution.
-Alfred Korzybski

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Link Between Drug War & Human Rights Abuses

News for Anarchists & Activists:

The Link Between the Drug War and Human Rights Abuses

by Philip Smith, DRCNet

May 1, 2002

At its national convention in Seattle last weekend, the US
branch of Amnesty International (http://www.aiusa.org ), the
world’s largest human rights organization, voted to have the
organization investigate the links between US drug policy
and human rights abuses at home and abroad. The grassroots
effort was lead by Georgina Shandley of the Cape May, NJ,
AIUSA chapter, who helped draft the resolution and
shepherded it through the AIUSA Northeast Regional
conference last November
(http://www.drcnet.org/wol/210.html#amnestyresolution ). The
adoption of the resolution will lead AIUSA to focus more
intently on the drug war, supporters said.

"It was a powerful weekend," Shandley told DRCNet, "but also
very tense and frightening as we fought off efforts to strip
away some of the language. I felt like I was in a tumble
dryer. But we ended up with the national membership of AIUSA
voting overwhelmingly in support of our language asking
Amnesty International to look into drug war-related human
rights abuses."

The only real opposition to the resolution, said Shandley,
came from AIUSA environmentalists concerned that the
resolution’s language on environmental damage due to the
drug war could have a negative impact on an ongoing
campaign, Just Earth, designed to protect environmental
activists in the Third World. The environmental damage plank
was removed from the approved version of the resolution.

While Shandley had her doubts about the revised resolution,
she said, AIUSA’s executive director assured her that "the
resolution is strong." Shandley said she was also cheered by
the reaction of Irene Khan, the newly-elected head of
Amnesty International. "I gave her a package of information
about the US drug war and talked to her about it, and she is
very concerned," said Shandley. "She will be visiting
Colombia soon — right after Israel — and she is concerned
about drug war human rights abuses in the United States as
well," Shandley said.

The resolution is a powerful symbolic statement, said
Shandley, but it is only the beginning. "There is a lot of
educating to do, even among human rights people," she said.
"Now we have to get time with the newly-elected AIUSA board
of directors to educate them. People just haven’t tied it
all together. They may know about prison abuses or murders
in Colombia, but they haven’t put it all together," she

The second front is institutional. "The second thing we need
to do is carve out a niche within AIUSA, something like the
Just Earth program, for human rights abuses as a result of
the drug war," Shandley said. "AIUSA administrators have
told me it is possible, but they have no funding, so now the
fight begins."

While Shandley sees a long road ahead, she is also savoring
this grassroots victory. "We had 800 people at the
convention," she said, "the most ever, and the drug war
resolution was by far the most discussed piece of business
at the convention. We had Mikki Norris’ "Shattered Lives"
exhibit. We had the November Coalition there. Now the drug
war is in the consciousness of AIUSA. Now we have to start
getting publicity. I want to see those newspaper headlines
saying "’Amnesty International Overwhelmingly Supports
Investigating Human Rights Abuses in the Drug War,’" she

"One thing the people understood right away was the ads
linking drug dealers and terrorists, that got people
thinking," said Shandley. "I see our leadership in
Washington as the terrorists, terrorizing the families of
America and all over the world with this heinous war on
drugs. If they were sincere about people on drugs, they
would have rehab programs. Who are the terrorists?"  

Dan Clore

Now available: _The Unspeakable and Others_
Including all my fiction through 2001, and more.

Lord We├┐rdgliffe:
Necronomicon Page:
News for Anarchists & Activists:

I’ve watched the dogs of war enjoying their feast
I’ve seen the western world go down in the east
The food of love became the greed of our time
But now we’re living on the profits of crime
–Black Sabbath, "Hole in the Sky"

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"Sports Illustrated" repents

      "Sports Illustrated" has started circulating the 2002 swimsuit videotape
and our lady Heidi Klum is on the tape’s cover.  The swimsuit issue of the
magazine had the Arab Argentinian princess Yamila Diaz-Rahi on the cover this
year, instead of the most excellent daughter of the Teutonic fatherland.  It
seems that the SI people are now realizing their error and have repented.

      To watch Heidi and the other "Goddesses" frolic on the beaches, call
1-800-462-2144 for the tape.  Robert Anton Wilson fans, please note:

      4 + 6 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 4 + 4 = 23

      The number 23, of course, is a most common hoofprint of the Illuminati.

      I already have the 1999 and 2001 swimsuit tapes and they are a lot of
fun, especially the 1999 tape, hosted by Heidi herself.  I hope the 2002 tape
will be as good as those.

      If you are in need of a quick Heidi fix, you can watch her talking,
walking, singing, and frolicking in an 8-minute video posted at the English
version of her official Web site


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a tribal tale-ish article


Given the hints RAW had dropped about the theses and aims, gists and piths of
his long-awaited Tale of the Tribe, I thought this article might run along the

Note the background lurk of McLuhan, Pound, science fiction and dreaming and
imagination, and Jumping Jesus.

"He also pondered Jobs’ idea that computers are not just computing devices but
tools with an inherent ability to change lives."

"Thirty-five million people are logged on to the Internet in China. Though it
is a tiny fraction of the nation’s 1.3 billion people, the number is doubling
every nine months."

"Peace comes through communication." – Ezra Pound

rmjon23 da Los Angeles
"Sing of the things one cares about however unimportant or unpoetical they may
seem." -Ezra Pound

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conspiracy of the week: Area 51

Terrific video game.

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Its my birthday (23) so I'm gonna rant.

I am so unhappy at the moment and it sucks.  All of a sudden I realized the
most obvious thing, as per a religious stand point.
     Take this as a hypothetical.  God (or aliens, as if the source
mattered)  Sent messengers to all of the greatest societies on earth at one
point.  ALl the religions say the same thing.
     There is a bit of clarification to go on here, the three major
religions are all exactly the same. Islam being a continuation of
christianity being a continuation of judeaism.
       Hinduism, coming from a different part of the world remains as
itself, with various offshoots still held under the same title.  Buddhism is
more an addenda to these others.
 All the major civilizations around roughly the same time had prophets that
preached this info, or reinforced it more precisely after the first strains
had been corrupted.  The info in its second incarnation was refined as to
make it "corruption" proof.  2000 years have proved that with man as the
interpreter nothing is corruption proof.
      Taking this info and abridging it further you come up with "peace be
onto you, my brothers" brothers being all inclusive.  God being the same
across the board, and being said to be the same by all these sects.  THis
info is available and dissemenated to the masses.  THe only one that isnt so
available is that of the acient egyptians, wich still stands as the same,
with the same precepts and ideals, and actually formulated around the same
      THe Jesus figure of Christianity is the Osiris/Horus of egyptian, is
the somebody or other in hindu.  (more research coming on that.)  Zoroaster,
also probably known as Hermes/thoth brought the initial strains (zoroasters
relation here is purely my own conjecture, thoth and hermes are documented),
but did so giving man more credit than was due.  The initial strains
initiated the concept of one God, gave us math, astronomy, astrology,
alchemy as a science etc. . .
     Corruption of man required that there be a second incarnation to refine
the teachings and say, ok look you dumb little primates, just be nice to one
another and appreciate God because he hasnt wiped out your unworthy waste of
space asses yet.
     Now that in its simplicity has been abolished, and people have turned
from the obvious to lives of unhappiness, greed and subjugation.  Millions
ruled by maybe a couple hundred that have no idea what to do with them
selves except wage wars against one another for pointless shit.
      YOud think that after so many years, we would have become a little
more global, but as it stands, the few have the most, and the many suffer.
      One out of many, e plurbus unum or whatever, should just be one over
     I dont understand, and am very upset that all the people on this
planet, who want want want peace and happiness, just sit and watch the tele
while an impending bloodshed and disaster is on its way.  Why is it that in
so many levels we just sit and watch while what is ours is corrupted, burned
destroyed and made waste.  And why is it that the key (ie, the simple little
precepts of be nice to each other, help those who need help, try to expand
yourself and come closer to the higher power,) is at once ignored, and used
to further all this rubbish.
     Why is it that everyone is asleep.
     You know if I was God, I’d do one of three things.  I’d send someone
else to try yet again, I’d just destroy everything out of disgust and
disappointment, or I’d simply say, screw em, the universe is big enough,
I’ll let them make this world hell and wouldnt pay any mind.
      People need to wake the hell up, and if I had a loud enough voice, the
mind or the power, I would try my damndest and die trying to wake all these
sleeping sheep.  Its so easy, I mean, we’re the masses, we’re the center of
true power, we can go global, reawaken atlantis like Ideals, rebuild
alexandria, carthage etc. . .we can build palaces that span countries of
knowledge and freedom, libraries, places where that expansion that seemed to
be in progression for centuries can return.  A renaisance to make all prior
look like appetizers. . . We can expand together as humans, gaining from one
another instead of sitting, watching the tele, being so concerned with the
idiocies of politics etc. . .we can let those who want to suffer, have there
space where they can suffer in peace, we can make the weak strong, and the
strong peacefull. . . We could actually get to the point where Do what thou
willt would be the whole of the law, and in this land that could be that
would work out, there would be no need for power struggles, because we’d
know that we’re not alone and that to survive as a species with any merit in
a universe as huge as this, we’d have to be connected, sharing knowledge
etc. . .We could actually stop looking at all these wonderful beautiful
concepts of how to make knowledge cumulative, and do it!
     I think I’m totally loosing faith in us Jeannine, and in that would be
the only way I could possibly genuinely die more than I already have.
Either way, more research pending.

"Half the world is composed of idiots, the other half of people clever
enough to take indecent advantage of them."
-Walter Kerr

"I guess I’ll have to begin from the A-B-Cs. We have never sought
power. We have sought to disperse power, to set men and women free.
That really means: to help them to discover that they are free.
Everybody’s free. The slave is free. The ultimate weapon isn’t this
plague out in Vegas, or any new super H-bomb. The ultimate weapon has
always existed. Every man, every woman, and every child owns it. It’s
the ability to say No and take the consequences. ‘Fear is failure.’
‘The fear of death is the beginning of slavery.’ "Thou hast no right
but to do thy will.’ The goose can break the bottle at any second.
Socrates took the hemlock to prove it. Jesus went to the cross to
prove it. It’s in all history, all myth, all poetry. It’s right out in
the open all the time."   –"Hagbard Celine", Leviathan

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Ulysses marathon reading at UCLA


The rumors that this writer was one of those who streaked the Gravity’s Rainbow
reading have been greatly exaggerated.

rmjon23 da Los Angeles
"Sing of the things one cares about however unimportant or unpoetical they may
seem." -Ezra Pound

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mysterious disappearance

I put six quarters into an Area 51 video game.  It wouldn’t work, and it only
gave me back one quarter.  

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Umberto Eco explains…

Umberto Eco explains why short forms of modern communication can be
simply irresistible

Diminutive, but perfectly formed


"does abstinence makes the church grow fondler?"

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randomnicity quote

"The Devil, being anything someone or chance calculus influences, can
grow by definition until identity has been in effect pushed out of
existence by size, scope, scale or prominence. Therefore, no thing
ain’t optional."

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