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Thoroughly mystic Heidi

      One of the things I do every day is to perform a Google.com Newsgroup
search for "Heidi Klum".  On December 14 the search made me aware that Heidi is
scheduled to appear in a one-hour episode of  Fox TV’s "Malcolm in the Middle"
to be shown on February 3, 2002, Superbowl Sunday.

      Whenever I discover such new Heidi sightings, TV appearances, magazine
photos, etc., I have mixed feelings.  I feel elated because of the opportunity
to see the "Goddess" again, to find out about her latest hairstyle, choice of
clothes, etc.

      I also feel some trepidation and stress, because I need to figure out
what the latest appearance signifies for the Illuminati.  Happily, the Holy
Spirit shows me the secret meaning after a few minutes and confirms my

      My final feelings, after solving the latest puzzle, are apprehension and
sadness, because Heidi continues to be trapped in the nets of the Illuminati.

      So what is her scheduled appearance on "Malcolm in the Middle" all about?
 February 3 is close to one of the year’s four quarter points, celebrated by
the Druids and other occultists.  The other three are May Day, August 2, and
Halloween.  More accurately, Sunday, February 3, comes 26 weeks (approximately
half a year) after Sunday, August 5, 2001, the anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s

      Heidi and Marilyn have been linked by the Illuminati because both were
born on June 1.  When Heidi was on Conan’s show on March 1, 2001, she said that
her role in the movie "Blow Dry" is that of a "Marilyn wannabe".  Similarly,
Heidi’s turn on the hot seat of "Who wants to be a millionaire?" was broadcast
on November 22, 2001, the anniversary of JFK’s, Marilyn’s lover’s death in
Dallas back in 1963.

      Once I saw that the Illuminati were using a 26-week interval in their
Heidi symbolism, I thought to myself:  Well, what about September 11, 2001?
Any Heidi link 26 weeks before the Attack on America?

      Well, yes.  Tuesday, March 13, 2001, came 26 weeks (approximately half a
year) before Tuesday, September 11, 2001.  On that day, March 13, Heidi was
scheduled to appear on Conan’s show, but her appearance was cancelled without

      To confirm my hunch about 26 weeks, the announcement about Heidi’s
appearance on "Malcolm in the Middle" was made on the 13th day of December,
2001, the same day that the Illuminati played Osama’s latest video on TV.

      December 13, 2001, comes 52 days before February 3, 2002.  A year has 52
weeks approximately:

      52 = 26 + 26

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open invitation for raw

hi bob, the  invitation is still open for a fresh seafood dinner (no
frozen bay scallops for my favorite author) with my wife and i at my
house in beautiful tuckerton nj.  loveyou bob.you’re the best!

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Re: Hey Kansan1225 – !

      Kansan1225 wrote:

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>Subject: Re: Hey Kansan1225 – !
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>Date: 12/24/01 7:32 PM Central Standard Time
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>      Aware1 wrote:

>>Subject: Hey Kansan1225 – !
>>From: andyerlild…@certifiedWICKEDNOTbitches.com  (Aware1)
>>Date: 12/24/01 12:33 PM Central Standard Time
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>>Did you see Heidi Klum’s artwork in the Jan.1 issue of Globe?
>>It’s on the next-to-last page.
>>Happy Holidays to you!

>>Aware1, because Enquiring Kansans need to know! :o)
>>Toto… I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

>>x-no-archive in headers

>      What would I do without the kindness of strangers?  Thank you for
>pointing me in the direction of this most thoroughly enjoyable painting by
>Heidi, showing the German flag ejaculating on top of the American flag.

>      "Deutschland ueber alles!"

>      Heidi is developing into a Queen of All Media:  model, actress, singer,
>painter, designer, author (she is writing her autobiography).

>      The feature also shows Heidi in her new, curly hairdo.  She has twisted
>her hair like the twin strands of the DNA molecule in support of genetic
>engineering and the search for a cure for Michael J. Fox.  She was first seen
>with this hairdo on December 8:


      When you get to the WireImage page, enter "Klum" in the search window
(upper left-hand corner).

- — -

>      Season’s Greetings to you and Merry Christmas to all and, especially,
>Heidi, our lady.

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Re: Kansan on "Legally Blonde"

      Mickko wrote:

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>Subject: Re: Kansan on "Legally Blonde"
>From: mic…@aol.com  (Mickko)
>Date: 12/26/01 10:45 AM Central Standard Time
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>(Kansan1225 wrote:)

>>Her life is perfect, but her
>boyfriend decides to dump her because she is "too blonde" and, therefore, not
>serious enough to be a Senator’s wife.<<

>Isn’t there a line in this movie where Elle’s boyfriend dumps her and says
>if he’s going to be a senator he needs to marry a Jackie not a Marilyn?
>Inferring that Elle is a Marilyn?

      And as Heidi Klum said on her Conan appearance of March 1, 2001, her role
in the movie "Blow Dry" was that of a Marilyn wannabe.

      In "Legally Blonde" Elle and the dark-haired girl are proved to be
symbolic "twins", showing that "Marilyn" and "Jackie" are two sides of the same
"Goddess".  Heidi, born on June 1, in Gemini, the Twins, exemplifies the two
sides of the "Goddess".

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Re: Hey Kansan1225 – !

      Holger Isenberg wrote:

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>Subject: Re: Hey Kansan1225 – !
>From: Holger Isenberg H.Isenb…@ping.de
>Date: 12/27/01 10:32 AM Central Standard Time
>Message-id: <1009470721.346…@server.gh.wh.uni-dortmund.de>

>Kansan1225 <kansan1…@aol.com> wrote:
>>      "Deutschland ueber alles!"

>I guess, Kansan you will like verse 2!

>Many Germans think that the 1st and also the 2nd verse is forbidden by
>law. This is not true. It is only common to sing just the 3rd verse after
>Why the 2nd verse is not used today, I don’t know as it has no connection to
>the German territory borders before WW2. However, be careful when singing
>the 1st verse in Germany as you will be immediatly seen as a radical
>right wing extremenist by the media conditioned mass.
>The 2nd verse is less dangerous. If you sang it, almost everyone below the
>of 60 wouldn’t even notice, that this is an official part of the Hymn.

      It is sad that under the New World Order the nations are not allowed to
be proud of their own National Anthems.  In France, too, the Illuminati have
mutilated the lyrics of their own "La Marseillaise" to make them conform to
today’s political correctness.  In the U.S. there is a movement to replace the
somewhat militaristic "Star-spangled Banner" with a milder hymn like "God Bless

      Thank you for these lyrics.  Recently I have been listening to some
traditional German songs.  The melody I like best so far is that of "O, du
wunderschoener deutscher Rhein!".  Do you have any link to the complete lyrics?

      Among European countries, I have been to Ireland, Northern Ireland,
England, France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy, in addition to my own native
Greece.  My future plans include visiting Germany and Lorelei’s castle, to be
followed by Holy Russia, of course.

- — -

>Das Lied der Deutschen (von 1841)

>Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, 
>Über alles in der Welt, 
>Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze 
>Brüderlich zusammenhält; 
>Von der Maas bis an die Memel, 
>Von der Etsch bis an den Belt:  
>|: Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, 
>Über alles in der Welt! :|

>Deutsche Frauen, deutsche Treue, 
>Deutscher Wein und deutscher Sang 
>Sollen in der Welt behalten 
>Ihren alten, schönen Klang, 
>Uns zu edler Tat begeistern 
>Unser ganzes Leben lang 
>|: Deutsche Frauen, deutsche Treue, 
>Deutscher Wein und deutscher Sang! :|

>Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit 
>Für das deutsche Vaterland! 
>Danach laßt uns alle streben 
>Brüderlich mit Herz und Hand! 
>Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit 
>Sind des Glückes Unterpfand: 
>|: Blüh im Glanze dieses Glückes, 
>Blühe, deutsches Vaterland! :|


>4. Strophe des Originaltextes
>(nicht Teil der offiziellen Hymne,
>aus dem Deutschen Kriegsmarine Liederbuch, 1927)
>(4.Verse from composer’s original tune, was never part of official Hymn)

>Deutschland, Deutschland über alles
>Und im Unglück nun erst recht!
>Nur im Unglück kann sich zeigen,
>Ob die Liebe wahr und echt.
>Und so soll es weiterklingen
>Von Geschlechte zu Geschlecht:
>|: Deutschland, Deutschland über alles
>Und im Unglück nun erst recht! :|

>   Holger Isenberg
>   H.Isenb…@ping.de
>   http://mars-news.de

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Heidi posts

German magazine – Bunte no. 52 20/12/2001

pg. 44-45 Advert for the German edition of ‘In Style – Jan 02′ with Heidi
Klum as cover girl wearing Rose-colo(u)red shoulderless dress, with rose
like decoration acting as a clasp near neck.

pg. 118    Internet Oscars

                "Heidi Klum war der star einer total wichtigen party: in
Stuttgart wurden erstmals die besten Deutschen website austezeichnet.  Eine
gehort schumi….

pg. 119    Picture of Heidi with moderator Mirko Nantschew.  She is wearing
a shoulderless; knee length; black transparent lacy dress (couldn’t make out
the pattern).

                Stargast: Heidi Klum
                Talk: Internet macht spass
                Bestes Outfit: Heidi Klum

She was also on the front cover of the British GQ, but I didn’t have time to
check it out!

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mothman prophecies film

saw the trailer for this. starring richard gere, gave me a chuckle.
looks like they’re doing their best to make it all hollywoody,
shaky camera bad suspense film styles. could be fun though.
wonder what raw has to day on the subject

-Sned The Bold
"in the beginning was the thing,
and one thing led to another."
-Tom Robbins

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to them who clem

you have the most disgusting prick of all the pricks that I have
filled the urethras with electric wire. there must come a time when
you shall be destroyed. i would recommend a slathering of mayonnaise
followed by flies and fruit fucking. please feel free to have a full
breakfast sandwich take you to the movies, make you pay, then leave
you with a greasy aorta.
fond fuck,

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RAW has updated his site

New thought for the week, new jokes-section, and new audio-collection
(9 hours) for sale (35 dollars).

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If you live in San Diego…

and you like interesting things you should check out Dirtbike.  We’re
a quartet of young musicians who play a difficult, saccharine brand of
hard rock that only other musicians adn fans of RAW tend to like,
which baffles me because we try to write pretty songs…oh well.  See
www.ihatedirtbike.com for shows and
propaganda.  Fnord.

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