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Kansan, CLuM Codes, and CLuM Laden

      Doctor Buzz wrote:

>Subject: Re: Kansan, CLuM Codes, and CLuM Laden
>From: Doctor Buzz doctorb…@altavista.com
>Date: 10/11/01 4:43 PM Central Daylight Time
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      I am sorry to say that Osama in his infamous video broadcast last Sunday
is wearing his watch on his right wrist, even though he is apparently
right-handed (he is holding the microphone with the right hand).

      Who else do we know who wears their watch on their right wrist, even
though they are right-handed?  None other than Our Lady of the Victorious

      I wonder if Osama has contacted Heidi’s official Web site


to order her new calendar and, thus, get his coded CIA instructions for the
year 2002.

- — -

>On 11 Oct 2001 14:31:37 -0700, chyvemi…@my-deja.com (Chive Mynde)

>>Wednesday October 10 5:56 PM ET

>>U.S. Tries to Decipher Bin Laden Video for Codes

>>By Tabassum Zakaria

>>WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. intelligence experts say a videotape of
>>Osama bin Laden (news – web sites) could contain an embedded coded
>>message to followers to activate a pre-planned attack against
>>Americans. One U.S. official on Wednesday said bombing plots against
>>four U.S. embassies had already been disrupted.

>>The U.S. government was jittery over the video, aired on Sunday after
>>the United States began strikes on Afghanistan (news – web sites), and
>>the White House took the extraordinary step of asking television
>>networks to curb broadcasts of messages from bin Laden and his

>>One U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters
>>that since the Sept. 11 attacks on New York and Washington,
>>authorities had foiled bombing plots aimed at four U.S. embassies. The
>>official declined to identify the locations of the embassies or the

>>The United States has blamed bin Laden and his group al Qaeda of
>>orchestrating the hijacked-aircraft attacks last month that destroyed
>>the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York and damaged the
>>Pentagon (news – web sites) near Washington.

>>The U.S. is conducting daily strikes on Afghanistan aimed at extremist
>>training camps and military positions of Taliban rulers, who sheltered
>>bin Laden and refused to hand him over.

>>Shortly after the strikes began on Sunday during the night in
>>Afghanistan, Qatar-based al-Jazeera television aired the videotape
>>showing bin Laden in the daylight against a rocky backdrop, saying:
>>“I swear to God that America will not live in peace before peace
>>reigns in Palestine, and before all the army of infidels depart the
>>land of Mohammad, peace be upon him.”


>>Intelligence experts took note that he was wearing an American-style
>>camouflage jacket and clearly showing off a big wristwatch as he
>>calmly spoke into a handheld microphone.

>>The tape was probably prepackaged and waiting to be delivered to the
>>television station when the bombing started, and U.S. intelligence
>>agencies such as the CIA (news – web sites) and National Security
>>Agency were poring over it to see whether it contained any possible
>>signals to followers, experts said.

>>Even just the appearance of the videotape on the first day of the
>>bombing could be some type of signal, experts said.

>>“It was basically a finger in your eye sort of message to the U.S.,
>>that he will be back,” said Stanley Bedlington, a former CIA
>>counterterrorism analyst.

>>The camouflage jacket was an insult to the U.S. military, and flashing
>>a big wristwatch showed “that he is not just a guy who has been
>>dropped from a tree or lived in a cave, that he is modern,
>>up-to-date,” Bedlington said.

>>Bin Laden’s speech could have included a coded message to followers
>>that had been worked out beforehand through the way he strung words
>>together, he said.

>>But the overt remarks themselves said Americans can expect some
>>retaliation, Bedlington said. “I think we’re in for another attack,”
>>he said.

>>Martin Indyk, a senior fellow at The Brookings Institution and former
>>U.S. ambassador to Israel, told Reuters that broadcasting bin Laden’s
>>messages to the Muslim world could ultimately mean danger for

>>“He has a potential to mobilize other extremists to go out and try to
>>kill Americans,” Indyk said. “In that sense it is dangerous, yes.”

>>“The danger lies in the broadcasting of this to the Islamic world
>>through al-Jazeera. It’s far more dangerous than our press publishing
>>it. That is the audience that he is aiming at,” Indyk said.

>>Regardless of whether the videotape contained any coded messages, the
>>overt speech was a clear “call to arms,” Indyk said. “He is
>>basically telling people who are amenable to his message this is a
>>jihad (holy war).”
>>Science is not belief, but the will to find out.

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Trying to find info about Americans


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Helluva Crowleymas, eh?

I celebrated by doing yoga for around 90 minutes, got into a good trance,
contacted Eris – or at least that’s who She told me She was – and asked her
what’s all this shit going down? I received a mental picture of a glass
elevator and some fried eggs. Let us make of this what we Will.


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Bush Orders Biohazard Suits For All Americans

In two weeks every American citizen will be ordered to wear a biohazard
suit (extremely funny):


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Re: New Vermont quarters

>To what are you referring, tovarishch Kropotkin?  
>The 2 trees/B+J/Twin Towers?  

The twin trees image. The motto. I know that the design must have been
authorized months ago. For a moment I almost fell into Kansan’s reality tunnel.
Dilbert: Maybe I should become a teacher so I can educate the leaders of
Dogbert: Maybe you should educate the morons of tomorrow so they’ll stop
believing the leaders of tomorrow.

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Curse Of The Jade Scorpion: Double 23

When Woody gets off the elevator, notice that the floor is 23.  Just down
the hall, the apartment is also #23.

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to no one.

"Gas forms may align through ‘heat’ or temperate fields in like ways
that convey signals to satellites.  Whatever can follow signals to
satttleites can also imply worlds on their way to collision.  Contact
implied connection to something else–something that had yet to be
defined, understood. It was not known what sort of discovery
awaited–a truly undiscovered country cloaked in an enigma of awesome
veilworthy mystery, a lure of fascination awaiting unknown conclusions
from a host of volunteer kamikaze cybernauts ready to host fate and
meet new technology head on.

"This was rocket science–rather, rocket science to world where people
had not all been entirely oblivious to what was happening around them.
It was not impossible to receive signals from unknown sources that
also could identify with anything conceiveable. This appeared to
change landscape into a land of terror–or wonder.

"Meanwhile, war raged as it had for hundreds of years–people refusing
to leave each other alone or rather ignorant of abundant possibilities
for prosperity, who had abandoned hope or who had never gotten past
that glorious if not partially futile struggle to score basic
victories for a more secure subsistence.  From somewhere shiny albeit
powerful brewed interference and calculated ravages that found their
complement in ill-fated practices of mutually assured destruction.
Where was diplomacy, and what was there to be accomplished?  Was
key hidden within beating hearts of scholars, yielding only to knife
or gun; locked away in books, or held in that legendary city captured
in the skies and yielding only to a deity by the name of Allah, God,
or Hermes? What hope only a phantasmal illusion taught
to keep children from asking questions–or ancient rune that bore an
undeciphered inscription, ‘wait <–> find out’?"

–Kyfho’s 20th century chronicle

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Re: Humor from Afghanistan

In article <20011004080226.09058.00000…@mb-cc.aol.com>, Kansan1225
<kansan1…@aol.com> writes

>      My favorite Nasreddin story:
>      One day Nasreddin went to Lake Van (in Turkey) to get on a boat, but
>there was a storm coming.  The boatman told him:
>      "Don’t worry, Allah buyuk (God is great)."
>      Nasreddin answered:
>      "Allah buyuk, kayik kuchuk."  ("God is great, but your boat is small.")

Trust in Goddess, but tie up your camel first.

Julian Bond  email: julian_b…@voidstar.com     Preferred contact point
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The War On Some Terrorists

From Robert Anton Wilson’s website

Thoughts for the Week


7 Ways of Looking at a Monkey-House September 29, 2001 e.v.

Just as the War Against Drugs would make some kind of sense
if they
honestly called it a War Against Some Drugs, I regard
current Kampf as a War Against Some Terrorists. I may remain
to that horrid heresy until he bombs CIA headquarters in


I turned on CNN a few days ago and a White House robot
that the rebels in Chechnya "were" no longer freedom
fighters but
"are" now terrorists with "clear" links to Osama bin Laden.

CNN provided no details about whether the transformation
in a sudden miraculous flash like the transubstantiation of
host in a Catholic mass, or happened slowly and gradually
Darwinian evolution.

In a related bulletin, Russia pledged its support in the War
Some Terrorists, and will presumably start with those
bastards in




The plight of Bill Maher reminds me of something Ezra Pound
about London in 1919: "A single intelligent remark can
destroy a
man’s entire career."


A friend in Israel just sent me an email quoting George Bush
we should all go to Disneyland. It didn’t surprise me. I
kind of
suspect George lives in Disneyland all the time, with Mickey
Goofy and Osama bin Laden and all the "faith-based
in the world.


As Voltaire said, "The only way to comprehend what
mean by Infinity is to contemplate the extent of human



Dan Clore

Lord We├┐rdgliffe:
Necronomicon Page:
News for Anarchists & Activists:

"It’s a political statement — or, rather, an
*anti*-political statement. The symbol for *anarchy*!"
— Batman, explaining the circle-A graffiti, in
_Detective Comics_ #608

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