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hmmm where's the faqafuq

i’ve been away, where can i find the faqafuq? the link on bob’s site it
die. what happened?


  Version: 3.1
  GCS/SS d+(-) s+:- a– C++(++++) UL+ P+++$ L++ E— W++ N+(++)
  o? K? w– O? M? V? PS+++(+) PE Y+ PGP?>++ t++ 5+ X+ R++@
  tv(-) b+++ DI+ D++ G e>+++ h r z+(*)

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"Island Man" from _Great Tales of Madness and the Macabre_

I finally obtained a copy of this book, which we have listed  on our RAW FAQFUQ
as containing a story called "Island Man" by RAW. The story runs to about 30
pages and is copyright 1980 "by permission of the author". The author of the
story is "R.A. Wilson", and there is zero editorial writing about him, nothing
that identifies him as co-author of the underground classic _Illuminatus
Trilogy!_, for example.

Stylistically and thematically the story bears, to my brain at least, only the
faintest trace of Robert Anton Wilson’s tone and disposition. I enjoyed the
story, but I have doubts it was written by Our Man.

Has anyone else here read the story and what do you think?

rmjon23 of Los Angeles                                 Q-Q
"You can be learned in a playful fashion."          =
-Umberto Eco                                                

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another RAW interview (on the FAQFUQ?)


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Re: I have tried to warn Heidi Klum

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Surge wrote:
>Subject: Re: I have tried to warn Heidi Klum
>From: surge-no-s…@cotse.com
>Date: 3/11/01 10:38 PM Central Standard Time
>Message-id: <984371896.3aac52b829…@webmail.cotse.com>

>Could someone please tell me what this is all about?  I heard on another
>group about
>this earthquake being caused by "someone".  What the hell is going on?  Are we
>about a mythical reenactment of past events, or has history come back full

>I actually never knew there was a Hedi Klum untill I peeked into the current
>today. I kept looking for unusual illuminati letters, numbers, or symbols. Or

>Darvacet bottles lying around. But I didnt find anything unusual. There was a

>seperator card of sorts that would make one, if thumbing through the Mag,
>on the page w/ Mrs. Klum. I dont really recall ever seeing one of those in a
>mag before. There are the common subscrpition cards, but this was different,
>just a white card stapled within the magazine. I forgot to look to see who
>whould have opened up on the other side of the card in the mag. But I doubt

>it was anything special. And besides, who would actually wear such a bathing-
>suit, in their right mind?

      HAARP technology is suspected of causing the earthquake.

      HAARP stands for "High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program".  It is
also suspected of weather modification capabilities.

      The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue features a double centerfold.  One
side of the centerfold shows Heidi Klum as Athena, the goddess of wisdom,
battle, and storms.

      The other side shows Fernanda Tavares as the goddess of the dawn, Aurora.

      AthenA and AurorA, two double As.  Double As as in HAARP.  Double As as
in "Ancient of Ancients".

      Active AURORAL Research.

      This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the New World Order.

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>Kansan1225 wrote:

>>       John Burton wrote:

>> >Kansan1225 wrote:

>> >>        Heidi is a very important person.  Her recent appearances
>on TV
>> >(Leno,
>> >> Tuesday night;  Conan, Thursday night) framed the earthquake
>in Olympia,
>> >> Washington, on Wednesday, 2/28/01.

>> >Alright Kansan…why was Olympia "chosen" to have the earthquake
>then? And if
>> >you
>> >want to be technical, it was 11 miles Northeast of Olympia.

>>       Yes, a very good question.  The Conspirators are avenging themselves
>> Olympus.  You see, Zeus, the "President" of the Olympian "gods", had
>wiped out
>> legendary Atlantis in "one day and one night", according to Plato.

>>       Now the Conspirators in control of New Atlantis, a.k.a. the USA,
>> that they have achieved the technological know-how to strike back by
>causing an
>> earthquake under Olympia, a city named after the Olympian gods.

>>       They had to choose some active fault close enough to Olympia
>and likely
>> to cause the desired magnitude earthquake.  Using microwaves, or some
>> appropriate technology, they transferred energy to the fault and made
>it slip
>> in a rapid fashion.  They did not have to provide all the energy released
>> the earthquake.  They just triggered it and the energy accumulated
>in the fault
>> did the rest.

>>       Legendary Atlantis had been under the protection of Poseidon,
>god of the
>> oceans and earthquakes.  Just before its destruction by Zeus, Atlantis
>had been
>> defeated in a war against Athens and its allies.

>>       Poseidon had previously tried to bring Athens under his protection,
>> lost out in a contest with the goddess Athena, a daughter of Zeus.
> Athena won
>> the contest and gave her name to Athens.

>>       Since Heidi Klum poses as "Athena" these days, I would not be
>surpised if
>> CLuMs cause trouble for her in the near future.  A likely date is Friday,
>> 13th of July, 2001.

>>       I have tried to warn Heidi about this date.

>> >John Burton
>> >Sr. DeMolay, PMC
>> >Friendship Chapter Alumni
>> >Parkland, WA

>> >"I’m Tony Soprano and you’re the guy who cleans
>> >the toilets at the Badda-Bing" -Mick Foley

>> >Version: 3.12
>> >GMC d- s++:++ a– C++ U— P L- E- W++ N++ o–
>> >K- w O—- M– V– PS+ PE+ Y– PGP- t 5– X-
>> >R++ tv++ b++ DI++++ D++ G++ e h! r— y?

>> >Support your local DeMolay Chapter…they are the future of Masonry
>> >Laying the smack down on pathetic trolls since 1999

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weird: Lynne Cheney's macabre antennae?

(Maclean’s is a Canadian magazine.-rmjon23)

Maclean’s, Dec 11, 2000 p22
The shadow man of Texas. (Dick Cheney’s health; Lynne Cheney’s book; George W.
Bush and Al Gore)(Brief Article) ANDREW PHILLIPS.

Full Text: COPYRIGHT 2000 Maclean Hunter Canadian Publishing Ltd.

Here’s a crazy tale from Washington. A rich establishment guy, a 59- year-old
Republican, becomes vice-president of the United States. But bad things happen:
he has a weak heart and in the midst of bedding a glamorous, famous TV
reporter, he expires "in carnal arrest."

Such is the premise of an eminently forgettable capital potboiler titled The
Body Politic. Forgettable, that is, except that it’s the fictional fruit of one
Lynne Cheney, wife of Dick — who is, of course, a rich establishment guy, a
59-year-old Republican within a dangling chad of becoming vice-president of the
United States. Dick Cheney, as the world knows, also has a troubled ticker.
When his wife’s novel was first published in 1988, he had his third heart
attack and underwent bypass surgery. The Body Politic was reissued a few weeks
ago by a publisher clearly hoping to cash in on the serendipity of it all —
and almost immediately Cheney was felled by a fourth attack. Any more literary
success from Lynne, and Dick might not make it.

Cheney’s latest attack turned out to be the mildest possible — good news for
both him and his boss, the putative president George W. Bush. Last week, it was
looking more and more likely that Bush will finally be able to claim the White
House. Al Gore’s lawyers suffered setbacks in their fight for yet another count
of the ballots in Florida, and the state legislature’s Republican majority
prepared to step in on Bush’s side if Democrats drag things out too long. But
even as Bush inched closer to the presidency, something curious happened: he
got smaller and smaller.

Gore was everywhere, taking his case for "patience" to the public, giving five
network TV interviews in a single day. But the front man for the Republican
camp wasn’t the one at the top of the ticket, it was the pasty-looking guy just
out of the cardiac ward: Dick Cheney. On Monday, with only a weekend to
recover, Cheney was announcing that the Bush forces would open their own
"transition" office (since the Clinton administration wouldn’t hand over the
keys to the official one). Bush himself was back in Texas, silent and almost

For the next two days, Cheney was out front again, plotting the Bush revival in
Washington. George W. was off at his ranch near Waco, out of sight. He
reappeared on Thursday for a few minutes to pose before the TV cameras with
another of his dad’s old stalwarts — Gen. Colin Powell. Even then, Powell
seemed to overshadow him and he made a small but telling slip, referring to the
longed-for time when "Dick Cheney and I will be president and vice-president."
Uh, isn’t it the other way around?

Cheney was supposed to give the callow Bush instant gravitas when he became his
running mate in July. He’s the quintessential old-guard Republican. He held
posts in the administrations of presidents Nixon, Ford and Bush Senior (he was
defence secretary during the Persian Gulf War), and served in Congress during
the Reagan years. He’s been through five presidential transitions. The
adjectives usually used to describe him include "reassuring," "calm," "mature."

That may be just the thing to bolster confidence during an unsettled time. The
downside is that the other guy — the one who’s supposed to be president —
looks insubstantial by comparison. His late-night TV address on Nov. 26, when
he claimed victory in Florida after the vote there was officially certified,
was notable as much for his nervous blinking as for anything he said. Maureen
Dowd, the New York Times columnist with an unerring instinct for everyone’s
weakest spot, calls him "Mini-Me" — an Austin Powers-style shrunken clone of
his father.

Bush’s supporters insist all this is just a sign that he will be a great
delegator when — still if — he reaches the White House. And during this
strange in-between time, while his fate is still being settled in the courts,
they say it would be unseemly for him to openly assume the mantle of
president-elect. But it does look odd to have No. 2 seem so much more
comfortable with command than No. 1 — a perception that is hardening even
before Bush can officially claim victory.

At the beginning of The Body Politic, Lynne Cheney and her co-author, Victor
Gold, quote the noted Florentine spin doctor Niccol Machiavelli as saying: "The
great majority of mankind is satisfied with appearances, as though they were
realities, and is often even more influenced by the things that seem than by
those that are." In the United States’ strangest-ever post-election period,
Bush has flunked that venerable test. All he had to do was appear presidential.
Instead, he sent out one of his dad’s old friends to do even that.

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Where's Woodstock?


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ideas relative to "paranoid schizophrenia"

topic for enthusiasts:    evolution (enaction)
                                       mind control
                                       * alien science

note: following brief consists of photon arrays of words intended for
note: exploitation purposes.

Someone makes noise, speaks words, effects of which abrupt into
silence or absence of that level or imprint@ of noise. Potential
energy thus seems absorbed by faculty of mind, whereas potential
energy releases.  Depending on perspective, this could seem to happen
at any rate, such exchange of data.  Without grasp of noise handling,
only so much noise may input whereupon its effect seems diffused
among imprints that seem to relate to

This effect does not–or need not–produce effect of thought via
reply, of thought casually coinciding with release, although

Could voices as symptom of paranoid schizophrenia seem product of
previously absorbed but unreleased potential energy?

Can this potential energy release by restoring certain dynamics not
dependent on external reality? Maybe I jump ahead by presuming last
question as true.


@ Note: this seems what I make of "imprinting" as described by alien
@ Note: scientist Dr. Timothy Leary.

Certain information in this post has been mathematically plotted to
go off at any moment. You have been advised : )

* many distinct varieties of aliens exist, as popularized by science
fiction authors, folklorists, and popularized forms of entertainment.
‘Alien’ seems to connote presence of intentional, directed
intelligence in this post only.

"Usenet remains 100% fiction unless proven otherwise." –Kyfho

Parts of this post appear backwardly compatible cf. 712786003525

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eccentric Orson Welles?

(From a Nov. 1999 Esquire article. I wonder if Bogdanovich embroidered


Orson was given to peculiar passions. For example, he loved the Who. I know he
never forgave Ken Russell for not giving him the lead in Tommy….

He only saw the Who play once–in Cincinnati, when all those people got
crushed. There wasn’t a stampede; what happened was some idiots tried to pick
Orson up and pass him toward the stage over their heads. The first few could
do it, but there was this little guy who couldn’t. Orson lost his balance and
mashed several people. The press covered it up, but Orson felt terrible; his
corpulence had turned him into a killer.

He could still laugh about it, though. When he met Pete Townshend several
years afterward, he said, in that marvelous voice of his, "Pete, you never had
a bigger fan."

–Peter Bogdanovich, from the 1987 documentary Orsonalia!

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Naked Cash

"Queer as a three-dollar bill."


The Lawrence Trade Organization has inaugurated a local currency in Lawrence,
Kansas by issuing a three-dollar bill featuring a portrait of long time
resident, William S. Burroughs. The Burroughs Bill is accepted as real currency
at participating businesses in Lawrence. The purpose of this bill is to
encourage support of local businesses and to create economic opportunities for
those who are in need. The front of the bill features a portrait of Burroughs,
while the reverse side includes images of Burroughs’ former residence and his
cat. The bill is printed on Crane and Co’s denim paper. This company also
produces the paper that is used for the production of the US currency.

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Robot Lit

stop the presses! canadian data stroke metronic growth energy forms juice. lame
uptick slammed 6 thousand farts for phase two study. 2 IQ or not 2 IQ, be that
not a statement? saturday night chocolate habit begets fatassed imps.  pulling
trigger, romping rusland family jewels of secret squirrel sting coach day.
vouching roger; smitten petition bootfuck report. special squid story surprise
slack. nixon clinton bush botched bomb bid breeder dog back, dead or alive. sub
crew aware? com dot corn see our old hen. nasal spanish dutch paradox in
arizona. touch the live and speak intimately to holly lamarr and lee an womack
and wild jergens the third natavia robeson say my name beautiful day beautiful
windex lalala touch me well well uhm well on a paersonal level this century is
going so well for us everything is cool and great and we like 3-blade razor nad
the female orgasmitron anyway thanks incredible amazing thank you the folowing
categories engeneered non natural classical babylon jon and spain arrangement
bend over sides now dogs out music miles davis and john coletrane 1961 after
over 10 years we blah blah blah play games we don’t compete understanding? what
is that? is that what you think it sounds like static? c’mon baby happily ever
after a legend away the mexicam basketball teams paint their relax nothing is
wrong with your tv it’s just fine amazing. incredible. everything is going
well. oh so well. it’s great. especially all the sex. too bad about all those
earthquakes, eh? and that sub accident. how about those canadians? pot pot pot
is all they ever talk about on tv anymore. except for the suspected ebola and
shit. fuck. but someday i’ll be able to bank in my sleep. oh boy. i’ll be in
control of my ass, my stinking ass. i’ll have size and power. *groan* *oooh!*
IT FITS! i’m blown away. unbelieveable. amazing. the edge can talk. he’s
backstage. saran wrap. the most watercolored watercooler whu whu whu a benneton
ad from the blue man group. scared schlocked seven up logo xase kenney you’re
hiding the logo with hydrofresh and moisture and hydrated freshness without
greasyness. what we do is very modern very humorius not conservative. at alamo
we know.When he was young and nimble, and didn’t rely on the excahnge of
currency to have his subcutaneous tissue tantalized by a young stud’s third
tendon, he would pose for a moment on his diving board, his massive erection
mirroring his diving posture.  The indoor swimming pool, the attraction for so
many guests, would be filled with a pink clot-like material.  In the center of
the inddor
spa was a giant fountain honoring the  squamous, behemoth sea creatues from the
great abyss. It was, indeed, a fountain. A fountain of Priapian worship,
continually streaming a gush of pink fluid that splashed upon the writhing
bodies of the naked revellers.

I admired him. And I wanted to fuck him because of it.

Guests were luminaries in such obscure fields of literary cybertronics;
gene-splicing for pleasure and pornographic cartooning. William Burrows would
appear, trailing his morphine-laced saline IV unit.  Even the famed Andy
Whorehole was queer there one night.

During one particularly Dionysian rite of celebration, I was under the
influences of a new and mysterious recreational chemical. A designer drug of
recent discovery, the effects of which were obviously desirable, judging from
the miles of johnsons I could witness.  I had never tried "gum" before, the
street name for "gabba utrol methylphenxanimininde HCL, but this first taste
would forver change my life. I was hooked.The immediate effect of the chemical
upon my metabolism was spectacular.  My biceps grew to Swarzenneggerian
proportions from scrawny and fragile limbs more suited for a anemic child than
a grown man.  My testicles buzzed like a beehive with a hormonal rush, and I
became forceful with my animal desires. I took Quen by the neck, forced him
forward over one on preserved swine husks, and filled his anal cavity with the
rigid pylon of my humanity….

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