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Preliminary research from Serial Cabal HQ seems to imply singularity
of singular importance, as randomly distributed or singly collected
in some particular area of body.

Most likely, this area of body would seem from perception, although
it might show up as extraordinary pain which jumps around to
different areas at different times, and which may even seem ignored
at other times.

What causes it?

Serial Cabal HQ strongly suspects self-amplification of
atmospherically-broadcast signals, as occurring gradually, at
different intervals; and as recurring at varied intervals.

Television offers one challenging opportunity to re-tune, placing
these signals in some area of space that one does not channel or
otherwise run in to.

One Serial Cabal volunteer took trip into basement to test this
theory that amplification would dwindle, along with pain.  Television
remained on, upstairs. Something clearly dwindled, but since
psychosomatic pain (imaginary pain that can go away instantly) was
being channeled before, efforts seemed necessary to be undertaken to
make it go away. Further sensory deprivation in form of closing off
auditory signals seemed necessary in order to block out excess noise
from above, mainly because volunteer suspected that years of training
to perceive "important" news broadcasts when away from television
probably trained reception on more than just signal broadcast from

Presumably because whatever was getting stimulated and sending
signals had not been turned off; ergo, too much pain to focus on that
area of body!  This happened to Kyfho back in May ’97–terrible pain
in area of back with no damage! Also preceded visions of fairies &
other phenomena.

Unfortunate side effect of channeled signals seems most peculiar,
although difficult to quantify. Suggest that delusions or emotional
affectation may appear as direct result of such channeling; also,
inability to think cogently, get tasks performed without difficulty;
most of all, accomplish one’s goals.  Feeling blocked might appear
that most significant symptom of amplified tuning of perception.
Blocked, stifled, suffocated, victimized, attacked, or otherwise
confounded; or, more dramatically:

_Feeling_ constantly under attack by other forces of some
particularly familiar label; feeling unable to extircate thinking
about something out of mind.


 . .this post brought to you courtesy of Eris International.

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The Invisible Candidate

How the corporate media keeps us misinformed–a case history

Media knows best

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> >    By Harry Browne

> > It has long been apparent that many people in the media don’t
> > you’re competent to make your own decisions. So they decide what
> > know — not just on the basis of what is newsworthy, but in some
> > on the basis of what they think you should be told.

> > While I’ve been aware of this for a long time, running for president
> > shown me how blatantly this is done. While most people in TV, radio,
> > the press have treated me wonderfully, some of the most important
> > want to pretend I don’t exist.

> > Earlier this year I accepted the fact that many newspapers and
> > companies treated the presidential race as a four-way contest — to
> > won by either George Bush or Al Gore, with Ralph Nader and Pat
> > influencing the outcome. After all, these four men are celebrities.
> > natural that journalists would pay attention to them and ignore
> > contenders who are less well known.

> > During the summer a Lexis-Nexis search showed that Pat Buchanan was
> > mentioned 60 times as often in the press as I was. And Ralph Nader
> > receiving even more coverage.


> > But my appearances on talk radio and a few national TV shows began
> > bear fruit. I found that I was getting a warm reception for my
> > of freeing you from the income tax, releasing you from Social
> > ending the insane war on drugs, restoring gun rights, and reducing
> > federal government to just its constitutional functions. I became
> > visible, and I began to attract much more support than you would
> > from my lack of celebrity and my lack of press coverage.

> > Consequently, in the Zogby, Rasmussen, and Hotline national polls,
> > now at a point of virtual parity with Pat Buchanan nationwide, and
> > slightly behind Ralph Nader.

> > And in some states, my strength has exceeded theirs — putting me in
> > position to swing the election between Bush and Gore. Various polls
> > shown me:

> > — Leading the third-party pack in Georgia with 4 percent — to
> > Buchanan’s 1 percent, with Nader not even on the ballot.

> > — Tied with Nader in Illinois at 3 percent, and considerably ahead
> > of Buchanan.

> > — At 3 percent in Colorado, just behind Nader, with Buchanan at
> > 1 percent.

> > — Tied with Nader in Kansas and well ahead of Buchanan.

> > — Tied with Nader in Michigan, with Buchanan barely showing up.

> > On the Internet, I finish far beyond where you would expect, given
> > lack of celebrity. For example, a WorldNetDaily presidential poll on
> > Sept. 19, with over 23,000 people voting, found George Bush in first
> > with 61 percent and me in second with 26 percent, Pat Buchanan was
> > with 7 percent, and no one else had more than 3 percent. Obviously,
> > isn’t a scientific poll, but it shows how much my candidacy is
> > resonating in some quarters.


> > So here we have a real news story. A candidate with little celebrity
> > very little press coverage is running neck-and-neck with two very
> > well-known celebrities who are getting tons of coverage.

> > What’s happening here? Who is this unknown candidate? What is he
> > that’s attracting this support? Is he taking votes away from Bush or
> > from Gore? Or is he reaching people who haven’t been voting at all?
> > Could he affect the outcome of the election in some states —
causing a
> > switch in the states’ electoral votes?

> > If Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader are newsworthy, think how much more
> > newsworthy is a candidate who has attained their level of support
> > without their celebrity and press coverage.

> > So have the pollsters, the national newspapers, the big-city
> > the TV networks, the Sunday talk shows all been banging on the door
> > get interviews?

> > Not a chance.


> > In fact, last week CNN had a show on third parties — and the only
> > invited to appear was Pat Buchanan.

> > This Sunday on "Meet the Press," Tim Russert is holding a
> > "debate" with Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan. When our press secretary
> > asked the show’s producer why we weren’t invited — given that I’m
> > running even with Buchanan — he was told it "isn’t in the cards"
> > I’ll ever be covered by "Meet the Press." When asked what we would
> > to do to be worthy of their coverage, the producer said she resented
> > being asked that question.

> > Upon hearing this news, Libertarians all over America began flooding
> > "Meet the Press" with e-mails, as well as phone calls that
> > shut down the program’s voice mail system.

> > If you’d like to add your voice to theirs, you can contact:

> > — Meet the Press: (202) 885-4598
> >    m…@nbc.com

> > — Tim Russert: (202) 885-4548
> >    tim.russ…@nbc.com

> > — Nancy Button Nathan, producer: (202) 885-4656
> >    nancy.nat…@nbc.com


> > Tim Russert has essentially voted me out of the election. Since
> > for me is on a par with that of the guests he’s invited, it must be
> > views that he objects to. The views of Buchanan and Nader fit nicely
> > into the "Meet the Press" format of discussing how we can make
> > government larger and larger.

> > Pat Buchanan is campaigning to make government bigger by enacting
> > policies he thinks are necessary to save American jobs. Ralph Nader
> > campaigning to make government bigger by overruling corporations
> > try to get rich providing what their customers need and want.

> > As my vice-presidential candidate Art Olivier has said, Buchanan
> > to decide which country you can buy a car from, while Nader wants to
> > decide whether you can buy a car at all.

> > The ideas of these men fit the conventional press format of talking
> > policy — figuring out where government must intrude next. My ideas

> > that government already intrudes far too much, that we must restore
> > Bill of Rights, that you should be free to make your own decisions
> > your own money, with your own life — apparently aren’t worthy of
> > discussion. If that’s not the standard for inclusion, why don’t they
> > tell us what is?

> > Apparently, it doesn’t matter how much support I get; it just "isn’t
> > the cards" to let you know about Libertarian ideas.

> > The media know what’s best for you. So shut up and watch Tim Russert

> > and find out what you’re supposed to know.

> > —


"Peace comes of communication."– Ezra Pound
"Congress shall make no law abridging freedom of speech
or of the press…" — Anon
"To live effectively is to live with adequate information"– Norbert

Guarde el vuelo del lasagna

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The Tale of the Tribe

Here’s a RAW title I haven’t seen mentioned before:


 Robert Anton Wilson

Might the Internet be the key to greater human freedom?  Wilson
believes so as he explores James Joyce, Ezra Pound, Marshall
McLuhan and Buckminster Fuller as guides to the Internet; the non-
Aristotelian logic of Korzybski and Bandler; hypertext, information
theory, and desovereignization as keys to emerging decentered
globalism; the decentered universe of Giordano Bruno and much,
much more.

New Falcon Publications


Expected release Fall, 2000

ISBN 1-56184-147-1         $14.95

  Personally, I’m still waiting — albeit with declining hope — for the

"Rush Limbaugh, King Kong, and the Drug Free Urine Conspiracy!"
compact disc RAW was supposedly doing.  Ah, well; had a nice
cover, at least.

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Human rights to a dowting herd

Human rights day october 2nd
Strictly an english affair, what!

and some reactions from english newsgroups

>It’s "Human Rights Day" tomorrow……. October 2nd 2000.

>Not that you’ll really notice much….People are still having their
>videos (ones which are perfectly legal elsewhere in Europe) seized by
>Customs, and censored by the BBFC if they buy them here.  People
>involved in the management and protection of prostitutes (and I don’t
>mean the brutal pimps) are currently having large sums of money taken
>off them by repressive UK courts….

You are of course intimately familiar with the details of this case
that you refer to in another thread and can categorically state that
the people involved where managers and protectors and not ‘brutal
pimps’. Why do you feel that a working girl would require ‘management’
or ‘protection’?


>Daft as it seems, the authorities themselves  don’t even seem to know
>what the Human Rights Act  implies…..

Hmmm, do you not think they might have considered the likely outcomes?
All the HRA does is put the ECHR into English law. The UK has already
been bound by the ECHR – however, to claim one’s rights one had to go
to Europe for any case to be heard. The HRA will make it easier for
people to challenge laws so more challenges are likely, but the type
of challenges that can be made have not changed.

To look at an example of the ECHR in action you only need to consider
the case of Nigel Wingrove. He challenged the BBFC’s refusal to grant
him a video certificate for a work they considered to contravene the
laws on blasphemy. The European Court ruled against him. I happen to
think that this ruling was wrong for several reasons, but nonetheless
on the evidence of this kind of ruling there seems little reason to
believe that the HRA is going to change our lives as much as you

Let me put this another way…. The US has a Bill of Rights that is
generally held to be more far-reaching and absolute than the European
Convention. This is probably because it was drafted in the 18th
Century when some of the (valid) arguments against libertarianism
which are familiar to modern society had never been formulated.
Nonetheless, to take many of your examples from your post,
prostitution is illegal in almost every US state,  hardcore
pornography is illegal in a number of US states and in most other
states film-makers avoid content such as fisting and watersports for
fear it will be adjudged obscene. Many states have laws which prohibit
certain forms of non-harmful sexual behaviour (e.g. anal sex, oral
sex, some or all forms of homosexual sex. If you think that the UK is
run by the religiously fixated you need to cast an eye across the
Atlantic! All this is legal and constitutional under the far more
absolutely liberal constitution of the US.

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>>Well, tomorrow will be a great opportunity to challenge all these specific
>>laws that prohibit freedom of choice of personal association or sexuality.
>>Is anyone planning anything?

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say goodbye to the constitution folks

Tuesday October 3 1:35 PM ET
      Supreme Court Questions Drug Roadblocks
      by Police

      By James Vicini

      WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court (news – web sites)
      questioned Tuesday whether police may erect roadblocks to catch
      offenders without violating the privacy rights of innocent
motorists, asking if
      pedestrian checkpoints might be next.

      The high court debated whether to extend its prior rulings, which
      roadblocks to detect drunk drivers and intercept illegal
immigrants being
      smuggled across the U.S. border by car, to the routine use of drug

      A. Scott Chinn, representing Indianapolis, defended the
constitutionality of
      the checkpoints, where police stop all vehicles in an effort to
interrupt the
      flow of illegal drugs through the city.

      At the roadblocks, officers check license and vehicle
registrations, examine
      motorists for any signs of drug or alcohol impairment and a
drug-sniffing dog
      walks around the outside of each stopped car to detect illegal

      Chinn acknowledged the main reason for the roadblocks was to catch
      who distribute drugs.

      If the city’s position prevails, Justice David Souter asked
whether police
      could then stop pedestrians on a random basis and question them in
an effort
      to catch those who distribute drugs on foot.

      “Motorists enjoy a diminished expectation of privacy,” Chinn

      Justice Stephen Breyer told Chinn the “difficulty with his case”
was that it
      would be no different to stop cars in general to stop crime than
it would be to
      stop pedestrians in general.

      Justice Antonin Scalia asked whether police could set up
roadblocks in an
      effort to catch burglars. “I don’t see anything special about
this,” he said of
      the drug checkpoints.

      Justice Department (news – web sites) lawyer Patricia Millett
supported the
      city. She argued that the roadblocks do not violate the
Constitution’s Fourth
      Amendment, which protects individuals against unreasonable
searches and

      Souter asked whether her position would result in pedestrian
      She answered that cars were different, regulated for safety

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  I don’t know if anyone has already made this remark but here it goes:

 GWB-666 in Schrodinger’s Cat seems to me to be a different name for

 I first heard of ECHELON a couple of years ago & i dismissed it at the
time (it seemed preposterous) but after reading SC, I became interested
in checking this out. They actually keeps tabs on all comunications w/
certain "key words" in them. I wonder what would happen if people
started using "key words" on a regular basis in electronic
communications. Sort of like systematically having BOMB CRACK EXPLOSIVES
NUKE LSD METH & so on in all communications. I guess at some point it
could cause a problem somewhere.

 For an article about echelon:


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Perhaps an odd question

I have been trying to get a friend of mine to read "Illuminatus" and
other assorted RAW works for a while.

She asked me a good question that I don’t have the answer to:

How come Robert Shea is rarely, if ever mentioned in conjunction with
mention of "Illuminatus"?

That is, you hear a lot about RAW, about RAW and Illuminatus, etc, but
rarely about Shea in conjunction with any of it.

Anybody got any ideas why?

Part of the conspiracy?

I’m just not paying attention?

Something else?


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Presidential debates

Well, Mr. Wilson, did you find the debates as amusing as Mr. Leach found the
Academy Awards?

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