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interesting site


i’m not affiliated with it, btw

Sned The Bold
"lift me from my illusion lord, heal my
perception that i may know only
reality and only you"  -Bill Hicks

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Overthrowing One Person

Sufficient: When what *cannot* happen nevertheless appears to
happen–particularly in emic reality.

Zoray Tahija

                                       .Begin Prohibition Repeal.

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IF Korzybski speaks Truth when he says that "Whenever we say something ‘is’, it
surely ‘is not’." ("is"="is not");

and IF Korzybski speaks Truth when he says "The word is not the thing"(IF the
above equation is true, then "is not"="is"),

THEN: The word "is" the thing.

QED (accompanied by deafening applause, with "The Merry Widow Waltz" playing in
the background)

Thank you! Thank you! I’ll be here all this week.

"Deliberately annoying good folks since the National Security Act of 1947."

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Thar ye go, matey!


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_Do What Thou Wilt: A Life of Aleister Crowley_…

…by Lawrence Sutin (who wrote a great bio of Philip K. Dick called _Divine
Invasions_) is out now. Tonight I read half of it sitting in Brentano’s. It
looks well worthsomewhiles for sombunall RAW fans. Sutin writes that he spent
the last ten years on the Crowley project.

Amazonian info:

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Re: Kallisti?

"TBP" == "The Blackbook Program" writes:

TBP> http://www.cnn.com/2000/US/08/26/dea.bust.01/index.html
TBP> According to CNN.com, a major columbian drug bust just took
TBP> place in which about 1 billion dollars of cocaine was seized.
TBP> Anyway, the interesting sidenote is this: "Greek officials, who
TBP> cooperated with a number of European nations in the
TBP> investigation, announced in Athens the arrest of six Greek
TBP> shipping officials for their alleged involvement in the
TBP> smuggling operation, the finance ministry said Saturday.
TBP> The suspects are all members and associates of a Greek shipping
TBP> company, Kalisti. They were arrested by finance ministry agents
TBP> after the drug bust in Venezuela."
TBP> So there’s a shipping company involved in tranporting drugs with
TBP> the name Kalisti.  does that have anything to do with the
TBP> discordian’s golden apple’s Kallisti inscription, or is it mere
TBP> coincidence?

Short for "Kali’s tea." As St. Alicia may be aware of, this tea
addiction problem has so infiltrated Britian that salesdoctors in
America offered coffee products as one means of giving
methadone-style treatments as early as two centuries ago; while
ill-tempered dancers helped dump crates of addictive tea ("skank")
into Boston eBaye, protesting nothing more that British dependency.
It was only after such introduction of cocaine to Coca Cola in early
20th century that many were able to drop their addictions to tea
while spurning coffee in favor of caffeine sources such as Moxie, RC
& Coca Cola, thanks to a little trick pulled by a rival cabal which
furnished the Kalisti conspiracy with its source of funding; although
its contract ran thin, resulting in another unfortunate mess doomed
from gold brick #1.

"ti" also implies manufacturing "plant" by that same name, useful in
making intoxicants such as liquor–or fodder, as it so turns out in
this case.

Kali was thus being exploited by rival cabal, and demise as Kali’s
fodder was made inevitable.

So, unless justice prevails and saps! prohibition, these folks seem
bound to face Kali on Kali’s terms; so shame on Usall (wow, just made
new deity!), knock on wood, cross my fingers, gesticulate madly, etc.

But, of course, only teasin’.

Archetypically speaking, one might suggest antagonist of Snow White
reaching out from astral plane into reality proper, animated by Kali,
to offer poison apple as fodder inextricably linked to Kali’s
influence; yet what Kali may or may not have in store for these six

. . .So sayeth Zoray da’ Omniscient Tahija, shortly before getting
run over by bridge

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Urgent need to contact The Man Himself

Hello, RAW-fans, and maybe, just maybe the Master himself now and then
peeking at his distorted mirror image, just for fun. In which case I have an
urgent question. My I Ching tells me I must see the Great Man. SHe also
tells me that the higher realms are with me on this one, ‘this one’ being
the launch of my electronic work of art ‘The Cave Cries’.

My personal intuition informs me that I should turn to Robert Anton Wilson,
one of the people who have contributed to my own insights and
idiosyncrasies. What I would like is an email address I can send a big file
to, with the usual (un)certainty that it will reach Bob Wilson and not many
other people.

Excuse me if this is in the FAQ, in which case I would be glad if some
veteran of this newsgroup would tell me where to find the FAQ. I know on the
official site it says that there’s only a snail mail address. But hey, this
is 2000, there must be an electronic shortcut.

Thanx in advance,
and a lot of love to Bob (whether you read this or not and whether you ever
respond or not),

Random Factor Y.


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That Harry Potter

I was looking at my Goblet of Fire at the page with the copyright info when
I saw the line

Printed in the U.S.A.  23

My book 3 has the same value but interestingly, my books 1 and 2 have 37.


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"we" put the gnor in ignorance

i was watching alice in wonderland and i saw the fnords, though
i didn’t know what to call them yet, then i looked at the comic
taped on the refridgerator, with two dogs talking to each other
looking at a piece of paper in the food dish.  one dog says to
the other "not homework again".  And there they were, the fucking
fnords, and george washington and lincoln’s face, right there on
the newspaper "behind the scenes".  later that morning i opened
my book of phil dick to a page "at random" and found "the day
mr computer fell out of it’s tree" [the headline read ADOLF HITLER
and realized that i have yet to see the fnords.

i realized that that old joke "who is the master who makes the
grass green" is just a riddle they give to kids to get them to
want to smoke weed.  the real question is who makes the fnords
fnord, who put the gnor in ignorance and who the fuck is THE
MAN perpetrating
-Sned The Bold
"Sincerity is the key to good acting,
if you can fake that, you’ve got it made"
-George Burns

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Re: can not find??? look here 7620

You know, dork-pizzles that they had used to the Spam the used group of
alt.religion.scientolo*y to use this algorithm. Old hat. It is moved on.
It swims here.

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