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Shroedinger's cat is missing

I recently picked up a copy of the Shroedinger’s Cat trilogy (UK
edition, Orbit 1999), largely to replace my old Pocket Books edition (3
separate volumes) as The Universe Next Door had gone missing (which is
not something you expect to hear very often).  

Imagine my surprise to find that the new edition has bits missing from
it. Is the section about the Mad Fishmonger (Raining crabs and
periwinkles) in The Homing Pigeons so inflammatory that it had to be
suppressed?  And why have each of the volumes now been labeled "volume
1", and each part with each volume labeled "part 1"?  What’s going on?

Can anyone enlighten (or should that be illuminate) me?


I’d rather have my mail delivered by lockheed than ride in a plane built by the post office department.

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Anyone have The Eye in the Pyramid?

I was hoping someone might be able to tell me what pages the following
pages from the Illuminatus! Trilogy omnibus correspond to the original
single volume of The Eye in the Pyramid.

I1  Part I The Eye in the Pyramid

    I5, E   Book One Verwirrung [Chaos] [Thesis]
            I7, E   The First Trip, or Kether [The Crown] (From Dealey
Plaza To Watergate…)
            I58, E   The Second Trip, or Chokmah [Wisdom] (Hopalong
Horus Rides Again)
            I91, E   The Third Trip, or Binah [Understanding]

    I139, E   Book Two Zweitracht [Discord] [Antithesis]
            I141, E   The Fourth Trip, or Chesed [Mercy] (Jesus Christ
on a Bicycle)
            I217, E   The Fifth Trip, or Geburah [Severity] (Swift-Kick,



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Where's Kansan1225?

Hey, where did Kansan1225 go?  I enjoyed reading his posts.  Did the
evil agents of CLuM finally silence him for good?

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New York Times encryption

The mysterious www.illuminati.com say that they have encrypted the March 25th
2000 edition of the New York Times. This came after I requested to join them (I
never would do sucha thing of course). They say to read the paper and it will
contain covert information if I wished to sign up. They also mentioned that
they controlled all print media – even to the extent where The Illuminatus
Trilogy was their doing. After I goaded them they threatened to send black
helicopters round to scare me! Whup de doo – I have just shat my pants…..hope
this is of interest.

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I see what's going on!

Is everybody waiting for the number of posts on this newsgroup to drop
to 23 before resuming the usual levels of activity? Very sublime.
Really? TCB is one of Michele’s personae? That’s an amazing variety of
personalities in one person. For balance may I suggest a rabidly
anti-RAW addition to the mix? Just think of the arguements that you can
have with yourself. Whatever happened to Cliff? A dorment facet of. . .
 ? . . . perhaps?

                       Just lurking lately,


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Announcement From The Ketchup Advisory Board


DREAM – Christina, my old accompanyist is in Vegas to see me sing at
the Hilton.
  I’m playing straight man to Ted Kennedy who’s a Sinatra
impersonator. Over and over ’til it’s stale, we’re in our 3rd year.
Half of it is lip synched, but no one’s supposed to know.
  We end with a duet of "Get Off My Cloud," and "My Way," the way
Mick Jagger and FS did it on SNL. The audience wants us to repeat
the first song we did which I’m up for; especially since we’ve been
lip synching the middle half for the past year; but he makes a bunch
of excuses for himself.
  I say, I can do it, does he mind?
  "Sure," he says; go ahead, he tells me. He wheels around to leave
the stage – piano starts, band starts, I sing the first note.
  "He sings four notes," I hear in my flesh-colored earphone –
Sinatra’s voice, not Ted’s – "and he’s a dead man."
  I stop the band with a wave of my hand, read a poem I’ve memorized,
exit to stage left, wishing I’d sung Odetta’s "Another Man Done
Gone" instead.
  "You were great," Christina says offstage hugging me.
  "All YOUR work those years," I tell her.
  "Promise me you’ll NEVER lip synch, Marco," she says.
  "Oh, believe me." I tell her I’ve been fighting them for weeks
on that. I’m winning but they’re going to have to move me soon.
I’m about to blow Ted offstage.
  "Not that I’m better," I try for more diplomacy; it really IS a
tragedy in this dream, he’s become a bad counterfeit of himself.
(metaphor for the entire US?)
  "I mean, I’m 36 and he’s 79. I’ve got a couple more years of this
and then I’m doing just guitar," I tell her, "for sure."

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pole-vaulting Jesus (article found in alt. postmodern)

(Note: when Hoggard mentions another thread "currently on this newsgroup", I
think he means the artificial intelligence group… I’m guessing Vernor Vinge
lives in New York…Lately I’ve been thinking of this discourse, the 8-Circ
Model, and The Jumping Jesus Phenomenon as metatheories of anthropology.

Subject: Re: Joy warns of tech Armageddon
From: "Nick Hoggard" nick.hogg…@rocketmail.com
Date: 3/24/00 3:49 AM Pacific Standard Time
Message-id: <XCIC4.1481$Lh9.201705984@newsb.telia.net>

(Original author lost:)

> > + > The Mindmaker Project is AI or the Technological Singularity
> > + > http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/7256/mind4th.html that
> > + > Bill Joy is so rightly worried about.  The most gloom-and-doom
> > + > author on this subject is the mathematician and science fiction
> > + > writer Vernor Vinge (q.v.), who also opines that the AI Singularity
> > + > is unavoidable.  If Vinge is right, then all Bill Joy can do is
> > + > smooth the way and ease us into our own maybe not extinction,
> > + > but perhaps co-existence with the coming cyborgs.

For another, and more optimistic, angle on the Singularity theory, check out
the thread ‘Evolution of intelligent life’ currently on this newsgroup.
There I predict an imminent singularity in the coevolution of biology and
technology, based on historical patterns, chaos theory and self-organizing
systems. This is based on the idea that technology and biology have
co-evolved ever since the first primate picked up a rock and threw it.

All technology adds to our capabilities, and this is now coming to a head
with the development of the world wide web, which is facilitating
technological development at an unprecedented speed and having enormous
commercial impact over the next few years. More than that, I believe that
the web will soon become the storage repository and means of communication
of our combined human knowledge (in its ever-changing state), and facilitate
the faster evolution of this knowledge. I think that the web can be seen as
the final connecting up of the planet – not an artifical global brain as
some predict, but an elimination of barriers of time and distance between
our individual minds.

The breakneck pace of development on the web fits in with the historical
pattern of acceleration throughout the history of technology, and points to
the aforementioned singularity (known in chaos theory as a Point of

The relevant article is available at
or in text form in the above mentioned thread (‘Evolution of intelligent
life’ ) on this newsgroup.

(In case I am accused of being utopian, I point out that we have shown
ourselves to be shamefully slow at spreading the benefits of technology, and
current trends – according to the UN – show the gap between rich and poor
widening over the last 15 years. Let’s hope that we will reverse this

Nick Hoggard

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Semantics and the Dairy Industry

I read an article a few days ago, where the Dairy Industry is going to court
for a case that would not allow the producers of soy, rice and almond milk not
to use the term "milk" at the end of their products unless they use some dairy
in their products.  Alfred Korzybski was right about he who controls the
symbols controls the people.

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FAQFUQ 1.6 (part 3)


1.) "The Illuminati Papers" by RAW (1980)
   a. Two interviews with "Science Fiction Review", both copyright
       1976; pp. 46-47, 66-67.
   b. Four interviews with "Conspiracy Digest", all copyright 1977;
       pp.19-24, 40-44, 84-91, 109-111, 114-116.

2.) Literary Voices #1 edited by Jeffrey Elliot (1980)
      "Robert Anton Wilson: Searching For Cosmic Intelligence",
       pp. 50-64. Interviewer: Dr. Jeffrey Elliot.

3.) "Right Where You Are Sitting Now" by RAW (1982).
      "There’s A Handcuff On Them: A Conversation With Robert Anton
       Wilson", pp. 51-56. Interviewer not named.

4.) "Dream Makers Volume 2: The Uncommon Men and Women Who Write
     Science Fiction" – Charles Platt (1983).
       pp.141-150. Interviewed by Charles Platt in September, 1981.

5.) "Notes From The Pop Underground" – Peter Belsito (1984).
      pp. 49-55. Interviewer: Peter Belsito.

6.) http://www.wco.com/~aquaboy/raw.html
      Broadcast over KFJC radio. Interviewed by David A. Banton on
      April 23, 1988.

7.) "Mavericks of the Mind: Conversations For the New Millenium"
     by David Jay Brown and Rebecca McClen Novick. (1993)
      "Firing the Cosmic Trigger" pp.109-126. Interviewed on June 18,
      1989, by Brown and Novick.
      see also: http://www.levity.com/mavericks/raw.htm

   "Robert Anton Wilson: Author, Playwright and Mystic Talks About the
    Nature of Reality". Interviewd by Sander R. Wolff for "The Union",
    published 12-10-90.

9.) http://www.aracnet.com/~atheism/writ/rawilson.htm
    "KBOO-FM Interview With Robert Anton Wilson". Interviewed by Cliff
     Walker in "1990 or so".

10.) "Cosmic Trigger Volume 2: Down to Earth" – RAW (1991).
       "An Interview With Robert Anton Wilson" (From ROC magazine),

11.) "Zen In the Art of Close Encounters: Crazy Wisdom and UFOs"
     edited by David Pursglove. (1995)
       "Interview with Robert Anton Wilson", pp. 127-131.
       Interviewer: Gregory D. Bishop. Originally in "The Excluded
       Middle", No.1 (1992).

12.) "Popular Alienation: A Steamshovel Press Reader" edited by Kenn
     Thomas (1995).
       "Conspiracy Writers Interviewed: Jonathan Vankin, Robert Anton
        Wilson, John Judge." RAW’s interview (from circa 1993) pp.111-
        113. Interviewer not named.

13.) http://gate.cruzio.com/~hawk/arc1.1/ontology.html    
       (8 parts to the interview) Interviewed by "CCN" in 1995.

14.) http://www.bestweb.net/~kali93/raw.html
       "Robert Anton Wilson: Paradigm Shift Interview". (1995)
       Interviewer: Philip H. Farber.

15.) "Seven By Seven" – edited by Neal Wilgus (1996).
       "Robert Anton Wilson: The Man With the Cosmic Triggerfinger."
       pp. 9-28. Interviewer: Neal Wilgus.

16.) http://www.omnimag.com/archives/chats/hs091697.html
       "High Strangeness Transcript: Robert Anton Wilson" "Author of
        ‘The Walls Came Tumbling Down’ ". Omni magazine chat transcript
       from 1997. Interviewer: Patrick Huyghe.

17.) "The Booklist Interview", May 15, 1999. page 1680-ff.
       Interviewer: Patricia Monaghan. Booklist magazine.

18.) http://www.playboy.com/digital/feature/disinfo/i05.html
       Interview with RAW c.2000.

19.) http://www.hyperreal.org/intersection/zines/est/intervs/raw.html
       February 27th 1991. Interviewer: James Wallis.      

20.) http://home.earthlink.net/~dare2b/raw.htm
        "Man Bites Dogma: A Conversation with Robert Anton Wilson
         about Politics, Religion, Drugs, and Quantum Mechanics".
         Interviewed c.1985 by Michael Dare.

21.) http://www.fringeware.com/fwr/fwr08-20.html
        "RAW Circuits: Surviving With Robert Anton Wilson"
         Interviewer: Tiffany Lee Brown, c.1994.

22.) http://www.nardwuar.com/vs/wilson
        "Nardwuar vs. Robert Anton Wilson"
         Interviewed by "Nardwuar" on November 8th, 1996.


Official Homepage; has a lot of excerpts from his works

Blackops Conspiracy Homepage; contains most links mentioned in
_Everything Is Under Control_

an Ezra Pound roundtable which Bob participates in

Bob has a column at this site.

Bob contributes to this excellent e-zine founded by R.U.Sirius

Publisher of Trajectories; an excerpt from "Chaos and Beyond"; short
intro to RAW

RAW and Leary material and links

A dossier on RAW and good links

Some RAW links, somewhat outdated. (Lycaeum is a good drugs info
resource, BTW.)

[ http://www.mich.com/~ubik/contents.htm
The Palm Tree Garden of Philip K. Dick
 RAW has contributed the essay "The Return of Philip K. Dick" ]
(original site seems to be offline, but RAW’s essays can now be
found at http://www.impermanentpress.com/pages2/pkd3.html )

Church of Subgenius
 i believe he contributed to it (he very probably inspired lots of
 parts of it); i believe a number of whose paths have crossed his
 artistically contributed; i believe many here would enjoy it; in
 short and to summarize, gentlecreatures of the court, i feel this
 to be a almost definite raw link in so far as definity can be said
 to exist in a world lacking concrete testable infinity;

Resources for Independent Thinking
 RAW is on the advisory board of Sharon Presley’s homepage


In the article "Brain Books" RAW recommends some books he wishes
everyone would read: "the ten books I most feel the lack of in people
who otherwise seem intelligent.  These books would fill anyone’s cranium
with useful information."
RAW also gives specific reasons why he considers these books must-read
stuff. In case you’d like to look them up at Dejanews (or another news
archive), the article was typed in full-length by ewagner…@aol.com and
posted with the subject line "Brain Books, from Trajectories #16/17, pg
28-29, by RAW".
Most links were originally posted by C. Stabbert (c…@interport.net).

1. Ulysses by James Joyce

Chamber Music
Finnegans Wake
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

2. The Cantos, by Ezra Pound

The Natural Philosophy of Love [translated by Pound, afterword]

3. Science and Sanity by Alfred Korzybski

Only short excerpts (as appendix of "Manhood of Humanity) are available
online at

4. Ovid

Metamorphoses [note says end missing; I couldn't connect to server]
Ovid’s Elegies [translated by Christopher Marlowe]
               [that's how they list it - Ovid's Elegies by Ovid]

5. The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer


6. Justine, by deSade

Not online (?)

7. Instead of a Book by a Man Too Busy to Write One, by Benjamin Tucker

Not found online.
Individual Liberty

8. Progress and Poverty, by Henry George

Progress and Poverty

9. The Open Society and its Enemies, by Karl Popper

Not online.

10. Shakespeare


Other recommended authors:

Jonathan Swift.  All of Gulliver’s Travels.

The Battle of the Books and Other Short Pieces
Gulliver’s Travels
The Lady’s Dressing Room
A Modest Proposal
A Proposal for Correcting, Improving and Ascertaining the British Tongue
A Tale of a Tub

Nietzsche. Twilight of the Idols and The Anti-Christ

The Antichrist
Thus Spake Zarthustra

Olaf Stapledon. First and Last Men and Last Men in London

Not online (?)


Timothy Leary’s Homepage

European Society for General Semantics and Institute of General
Semantics; essays and books by Alfred Korzybski and a bulk of
e-prime material

Collected works of Aleister Crowley

Counterculture, revolutionaries, new sciences and much much more

New Falcon Press; one publisher of RAW

Official John C. Lilly Homepage

This site provides a huge library of current and back issues of "Saucer
Smear," a great UFO gossipzine which Wilson frequently mentions.  Many
issues have letters from Bob, and Smear reviewed "Everything Is Under
Control." (ewagner…@aol.com)

[ http://www.sondralondon.com/new/thornley/thornley.html
Kerry Thornley’s Homepage ] (gone ?)

Dan Clore’s Necronomicon Page has some stuff drawn from RAW

The Principia Discordia

ParaScope: Something Strange is Happening ! (A net-mag dealing with
UFOs and other stuff) ] (another gone link ?)

Texts by Hakim Bey

The Universal Library
GO there. I think this is a worthwhile link to include in the
FAQAFUQ, since it certainly touches on ideas of free speech,
RICHness, and the Jumping Jesus phenomenon.(c…@interport.com)

Please report broken links and unusual phenomena to: el…@my-deja.com

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Link: Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence

Dear denizens of Hedonia,

I submit this link to an (IMO) interesting article for your perusal.
Direct connections to 5th system (circuit) issues here.

Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence
by James W. Prescott

This article appeared in part in the April 1975 issue of The Futurist,
published by the World Future Society.

A neuropsychologist contends that the greatest threat to world peace
comes from those nations which have the most depriving environments for
their children and which are most repressive of sexual affection and
female sexuality.



Sent via Deja.com http://www.deja.com/
Before you buy.

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