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C Verey

Verey was a character in Masks of the Illuminati, no?

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Check this out…

The greatness of a person is usually measured on some kind of merit.  This is
wrong.  The greatness of a person should be measured on said person’s lack of
merit.  This is because said person has kept akin to his/her original DNA-ical
programming.  Thank you and good day.

                                              Chillin like a villain, grillin
with Macmillan
                                                                      Big Poppa

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What this newsgroup needs. . . .

Is a little levity!


It’s a gas!

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Charles Fort and Magnolia

Has anyone seen the film Magnolia yet?  I won’t give the surprise away but if
the movie is worth paying to see, it’s because of the Charles Fort reference at
the end.

Take care.


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Re: Mind Machines

Didn’t seem to work.  Thanks for the suggestion, though.
EvolverTCB <evolver…@aol.com> wrote in message


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> I just posted a reply about a web page with plans for a simple LED gizmo
> noted that the page seemed to have vanished.
> I did and altavista search and out popped this slightly different URL for
> same page. This time I got "connection timed out" but at least maybe the
> is there. Take a look.
> darkchylde.hackcanada.com/homegrown/brainwave/index.html
> Tom Buckner

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Sinister Masonic secrets of the Oklahoma City bombing

      Those who know that JFK’s murder was a Luciferian Masonic human
sacrifice realize that Dallas was picked as the site of sacrifice because it is
located close to the 33rd degree of north geographical latitude.  (The 33rd
"degree" is the highest publicly known degree of the Scottish Rite of Free

      Other cities close to this 33rd degree are:

      ***  Tyre, Lebanon:  Home of King Hiram and Hiram Abiff, the
Dynamic Duo of Masonic mythology.

      ***  Charleston, SC:  The original site of Scottish Rite Masonry in the

      ***  Phoenix, AZ:  The mythical phoenix commits suicide to procreate.
This mythical bird is the real national bird of New Atlantis, a.k.a. the
U.S.A.;  it presently masquerades as the queer bald eagle.

      ***  Warm Springs, GA:  Site of Brother Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s
"sudden death" in April 1945.  FDR was the previous President to be
sacrificed in office, the one just before JFK, according to the 19-year
Metonic cycle of the moon.

      During my investigations of the Oklahoma City bombing I was struck
by the following "coincidences":

      !!!  Waco, TX:  Site of the Holocaust that supposedly triggered
Timothy "Macbeth" McVeigh.  It lies along U.S. Highway 77.

      !!!  Junction City, KS:  Town where McVeigh rented the bomb truck.
It lies along U.S. Highway 77.

      !!!  Herington, KS:  Domicile of co-conspirator Terry Nichols.  It lies
along U.S. 77.

      !!!  Geary State Fishing Lake (Geary County, KS):  Site where the
bomb was put together, according to the Government’s case.  It lies along
U.S. 77.

      !!!  Oklahoma City, OK:  Site of the attack.  It lies along U.S. 77.

      !!!  Perry, OK:  Site of the county jail where McVeigh was taken to
after his original arrest.  It lies along U.S. 77.

      These "coincidences" started me thinking about the number 77.
Finally, I found this passage in the Bible:

      "And Lamech said unto his wives, Adah and Zillah.  ’Hear my
voice:  ye wives of Lamech, hearken unto my speech:  for I have slain
a man to my wounding, and a young man to my hurt.  If Cain shall be
avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold."  
(Genesis, 4:23-24)

      This Lamech was a descendant of the first murderer, Cain, and father
of the twins Tubal-Cain, a boy, and Naamah, a girl.  Tubal-Cain, "an
instructer of every artificer in brass and iron", is a favorite of Luciferian
Free Masons, who consider him to be the forefather of Hiram Abiff.  Hiram
Abiff, of course, is the supposed architect of Solomon’s Temple and the
central hero of Masonic mythology.

      My further investigations added these "coincidences" to the above list:

      !!!  Waco, TX:  Site of the aforementioned Holocaust, it is also the site
of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Texas.  Waco is along U.S. 77.

      !!!  Dallas, TX:  Site of the JFK oblation.  It also lies long U.S. 77.

      !!!  Guthrie, OK.  Site of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Oklahoma.  It
also lies along U.S. 77.

      !!!  Lincoln, NE:  Named for the sacrificed Abraham Lincoln, an earlier
victim of the 19-year Metonic cycle of the moon.  It also lies along U.S.

      The above are just some of the sinister Masonic secrets of the
Oklahoma City bombing.  

      For more information on the secret nature of Luciferian Masonry and
satanic Zionism, please visit the Web site "Dark Millennium" at:


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Re: New Raw book Query?

Dan Clore wrote:
> > "Think for Yourself : How to Thrive in a World That Wants You to Obey
> > and Conform "
> It says it will be out in June. BTW, RAW is on the advisory board of
> co-author Sharon Presley’s Resources for Independent Thinking:
> http://www.rit.org/

In addition to RAW, there’s Thomas Szasz (Myth of Mental Illness) and
commedian Steve Allen (!!!), so it’s nice to see that they will
cultivate a fine sense of humor.

"Aftermath is science."

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uh huh oh yeah

er illuminati, diana as the british jfk, er transcendental brain stuff – all
this not on my site but i have got tunes and beats to download – check it
out www.bigpit.co.uk  it is the funk source

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Did you ever wonder?

Did you ever wonder how RAW’s kids turned out? Did Graham ever become a
physicist like the silvery skinned lady predicted? My father is about
RAW’s age (born in ’36) and I just can’t imagine him dropping acid,
smoking pot, meditating, doing hatha yoga and ritual magick. How would
such an upbringing influence someone? Jyoti, Graham and Karuna, if
you’re out there, tell us what it was like being raised by Bob and Arlen
will you? Then again, maybe I’m just being too nosey. In which case
please excuse my crassness.

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help Peter Mcwilliams

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Before you buy.

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