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Archive for May, 2010

Re: Unread messages

Maybe I’m dumb, but can anybody tell me why my Message Board is telling me
there are 73 unread messages in this Newsgroup, but when I click List Unread
only about 5 things come up?  And there’s not many more than tnat when I click
List All.  Just wondering.


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Gonzo Jack Parson's booklet by RAW?

Back on July 26th, someone posted an ad for a biography about Jack
Parsons. This got my interest up about Crowley, L. Ron Hubbard and that
whole explosion in Parson’s garage thing. So, I went surfing and found
this rather lengthy document. It is so Wilsonian, that I’d be willing to
bet money that RAW wrote it.                                    

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Re: Reefer Madness Hits Congress

>The limit of free speech is unconstitutional and the idiots should
>be told that by us and the rest of the American people.  Period.

Well said.  I’m just wondering if anybody can provide us with a number for this
moronic piece of legislation so people can be very specific when writing their
congressfolk about it.  You were all going to do that, right?

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I’ve put up my column early this week.  "Epiphanies" is a review of Rudy
Rucker’s latest, SAUCER WISDOM, with a comparison to PKD’s VALIS.  Read at:



Flavin’s Corner
Twisted History

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>there’s not an ‘atom’ in the entirety of physical reality, in cluding those
>> which comprise Sun, that doesn’t ‘see’ the one-’map’ that is wdb2t,

OK, I’ve been hoping the original explanantion of just exactly what in the name
of Eris "wdb2t" is would crop up again, but it has not.  Could somebody clue
this poor ignorant soul in?  I have a feeling I’m gonna think "yes, of course"
when I hear it, but there you go…

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>>Question…..what does masturbation have to do with Area

I think it is possible that masturbation has something to do with everything.

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Did RJMon23 change his email address?


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Re: Was Kubrick Killed?

>> Was Kubrick Killed?
>Yeah, someone made him watch Eyes Wide Shut.

I saw it last week, it really "is" a great film.
One can view it as a sex comedy (Tom Friggin’ Cruise, in New Friggin’ York,
spends hundreds of dollars over two days and CAN’T GET LAID!!!!!!!!!), as a
satire on frustration (interruptions every time, just like the dinner parties
in Discreet Charm of the Bourgeouisie), as a satire on the ill effects of
jealousy (if the doc and wife were polyamorists, he would have boffed the girls
at the party, while she would have gone up to the sculpture garden with Pepe Le
Pew, she would have Tailhooked that sailor, the couple would later have smoked
their spliff and laughed about it all, and Doc wouldn’t have felt the need for
his cab ride through Purgatory.)
And don’t you dare tell me Stanley was too dumb to consider this angle.
Tom Buckner (Evolver)

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An eclipse Prayer

A little late but…

I bless Ra, fierce sun burning bright.
I bless Isis, Luna in the night.
I bless the air the Horus Hawk.
I bless the earth on which I walk.

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Submit Conspiracy Poems

        Hello to all conspiracy watchers…
        Remember Major Jack Downing?

        I’ve been asked to inform you about the
                 JACK DOWNING MEMORIAL

        If you write conspiracy poems, there is now a venue for presenting
them to the interested public. Can you craft verse which evokes the dark
and subtle manipulations of our secret government? Can you capture the
sublime beauty of a grassy knoll? Can you tell Kenneth what the frequency
really is?
        Then by all means let the J.D. Memorial Conspiracy Poetry Page
publish your work in their gallery. They are now accepting submissions. Be
among the first!
        Come see our main home page, and read some back-engineered poems
by the late Major Jack Downing, Conspiracy Maven.

        Come visit:

        Submit your finest Conspiracy Poems:

        It’s unique, it’s clever, it’s going to be big, really big.

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